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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: ObamaCare networks are narrow. How narrow? Very, very narrow

Of course, Corrente readers know this already (and NC readers), but it's good to have confirmation:

Marketplace Plans’ Networks Are Very Small, Study Finds
About two-thirds of hospital networks on the exchanges are narrow or ultra-narrow,” said Paul Mango, a director at the consulting firm McKinsey & Co., at a conference of insurance industry leaders in Washington Thursday.

I love "ultra-narrow." ObamaCare networks are so narrow, they have to invent whole new words for narrowness!

Based on research he says it took his team weeks to develop, Mango said the majority of the lowest-priced insurance plans sold through the new online marketplaces use very small networks of hospitals. The study did not evaluate doctor participation in those networks.

The issue of whether doctors or hospitals are in a network is often of utmost importance to consumers choosing an insurance policy. But prices also are important.

Mango said his research looked at 20 urban areas representing about 25 percent of the uninsured. To develop a definition of broad or narrow, McKinsey identified the biggest 20 hospitals by their number of beds. Insurance plan networks with 15 or more big hospitals were tagged as broad networks. Those with 7 to 14 were considered narrow, and those with 6 or fewer of the top 20 were considered ultra-narrow.

Now, if only McKinsey would do a study on narrow formularies!

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Submitted by blue cheddar on

"Ultra-narrow" sounds like a word fabricated by Kotex for one of its "feminine products". Ultra-euphemistic. As if a "narrow network" weren't euphemistic enough already.

I assume "narrow network" is originally from the healthcare industry? A frustrated human stuck in an ultra-narrow network would say, "My insurance isn't good anywhere." Maybe we should call this "NowhereCare".

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

I think it's more like "NoCare" or "ZeroCare" or "O-CARE" (with "O" standing for Zero as well as Obama).

Or What Care?

Or WTFCare*!#$!

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

networks it's like there's Obama The Auctioneer of Expensive Junk whispering "going, going, .... gone!"

I mean how long before we find out there's a plan or an amendment to the PPACA for next year that allows a plan with No Network. Premiums will go to helping you buy Advil, thermometers and Pepto Bismal after you spend $6,000 over an above the premiums. But you can always ask your pharmacist what you should do about that lump in your groin.