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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Obama to America: "If the price of insurance goes up, just buy cheaper insurance"

It's exactly the same pitch he's making to elders on Social Security: "If the price of cat food gets too high, try offal." Times:

For weeks, news reports have conveyed industry warnings that the new law could lead to higher premiums for many people, because the policies to be sold under the law’s requirements will be more comprehensive than those many Americans have now. Republicans in Congress, who remain united in opposition three years after the law’s enactment, have held hearings to underscore such warnings.

But the administration says such talk is overblown. Consumers [citizens] can move from expensive health plans to more efficient, lower-cost policies, officials say, and critics who focus on premiums do not take account of other provisions of the law that limit how much consumers will spend out of pocket for health care.

The administration predicts that those who get coverage after being uninsured are generally going to be younger and healthier than those who have insurance.* That will hold down total costs of coverage for insurers and the government, officials say, and tend to** hold down premiums in turn. If premiums do increase, they argue, lower-income people can get federal help.***

Come on. "More efficient"? Everybody knows and even the Obots now admit that ObamaCare doesn't control costs. So why then is a "more efficient" plan cheaper? That's right:

Because it doesn't provide as much care (or it shift more risk with higher deductibles, which comes to the same thing).

Time and again, over and over, Obama sends the same message to Americans: "If you don't have the money, fuck off and die." It makes me sick.

NOTE * Right. so that makes ObamaCare a massive exercise in cherry picking, right? And can we please stop talking about ObamaCare is if it were universal? It so isn't.

NOTE ** Assuming that health insurance companies aren't rapacious parasitic rentier assholes who will raise rates whenever they can, probably more than anybody thought they ever could, yes. Since the Obama administration gave the banks whatever they wanted whenever they wanted, why would they do anything different with another bad actor in the FIRE sector?

NOTE *** Depending on how badly the health exchanges fuck up, whether the $10-an-hour workers can afford health insurance on the exchanges, even with subsidies, and whether the all the states go for Medicaid expansion, perhaps. Again, can the Obots and the ObamaCare enablers stop calling ObamaCare universal?

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Submitted by Jay on

Ooooh I see how that works: Just like Congressman Ryan's Medicare plan: Replace it with a ham sandwich and call it "Medicare." See? We're not getting rid of Medicare, we're "Reforming" it. By reducing funding 100%. The result? "Medicare."

Can't afford the insurance you have? Buy "insurance."

Want to keep your Social Security? Don't worry! We'll "strengthen" it! Just like your paycheck. You DO like keeping your job, don't you? Let us help you keep it. And strengthen your paycheck. By reducing it.

Genius! Eleventy dimensional!

Submitted by jawbone on

Mr. Obama had not been scheduled to attend the meeting, but he presided over the entire hourlong session, which included his chief of staff, Denis R. McDonough, and his health and human services secretary, Kathleen Sebelius. One official called it “productive,” adding that “the president discussed our shared goal of educating Americans about the value of health insurance and the new health insurance marketplaces.”

It's just part and parcel with the new Chained CPI -- aka, Lowered Standard of Living Index.

Now, it's crappy insurance at premium prices. And you'll love your new way to dying sooner!

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

... we want HEALTH care. Get it? Actually, a real majority of us want MEDICARE FOR ALL.

(*) "... discussed our shared goal of educating Americans about the value of health insurance and the new health insurance marketplaces."

Well, I'm reassured now. When I get that bad news about [health condition requiring 4-9 figure dollar layouts] I'll be *educated* about how to *navigate* Obama's stinking "insurance marketplace."

Can I just have a government subsidized overdose of Dilaudid please?