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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Obama butchers Spanish-language version of, so it will be delayed

Charlotte News and Observer:

In a potentially more significant delay affecting the law's larger insurance market for individuals, the administration quietly told [I'll bet] Hispanic groups on Wednesday that the Spanish-language version of the website will not be ready to handle online enrollments for a few weeks. An estimated 10 million Latinos are eligible for coverage, and 4 million of them speak Spanish primarily.

"It's been at least two years since we've known that Latinos are a primary target for enrollment through the Affordable Care Act, so we would have hoped that the administration would have the rollout ready on Day 1," said Jennifer Ng'andu, health care policy director for the National Council of La Raza. That said, she added that her group won't object if it takes a few more weeks to get things right.

(Ng'andu is jjust as pathetic as Trumka.)

This is rank incomptence.

I mean, come on. Latinos are not only a "primary target" for ObamaCare's marketing efforts*, they're a key Democratic constituency. And Obama can't deliver for them? WTF?

Further, why the delay? It's very hard to believe that translation is a problem: Drupal, for example, has a built-in module for mapping English elements in the user interface to other languages; it's just a matter of the (human) resources to handle the translation. And can it really be that hard to find Spanish translators?! So I'm guessing that is is a ripple effect from other components of the system not being ready yet; the translations from English to Spanish could not be done because the component were not finished, or tested, or turned out to be broken, or whatever.

NOTE * Notice the primary target isn't people who actually need care.

NOTE Of course, the incompetence is embedded within the larger malevolence of preserving a key component of the FIRE sector, the private health insurance industry. The administration isn't incompetent about everything!

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