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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Obama butchers small business rollout


The Obama administration has delayed yet another piece of the health care overhaul, pushing back online enrollment for small business owners on the new federal health insurance exchange, a Department of Health and Human Services source tells The Washington Post.

On the federal exchange, which is scheduled to launch on Tuesday, small business owners will not be able to purchase coverage online until Nov. 1. Instead, for the first month, they will have to mail or fax their information to government officials to enroll on the federal exchange, which will serve individuals and business owners in the 34 states that elected not to set up their own exchanges.

Great. Well, Fuck it, they're all Republicans anyhow.

Wait, wait. You mean ObamaCare won't be like buying a flat screen TV or an airplane ticket?

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney downplayed the delay during a press conference on Thursday, noting that employers can enroll in coverage at any point during the year, whereas individuals have a limited window of time in which to enroll.

Again, everything comes online on October 1,” Carney said.

Yeah, everything except what you need to order the product. Dipshits. "Again?" Again what? Again with the blameshifting? Again with the minimization? Again with the PR that dissolves like Kleenex*?

Is ObamaCare the worst rollout of a major Federal program, or the worst rollout in all recorded time? To be fair, probably the former, though I'm hard-pressed to come up with counter-examples.

NOTE * To be fair, apparently Kleenex doesn't dissolve. Instead, it hangs up in the sewers and collects grease, forming gigantic "fat bergs" that clog the pipes. Great metaphor for the Obama PR effort, in fact.

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