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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Narrow networks and the Overton Window in NH

Concord Monitor:

Hospital executives made passionate pleas to the House Commerce committee on Tuesday to seek support for a bill that would require insurance companies selling plans on the federally run insurance exchange to negotiate with all interested health care providers in the state.

Valley Regional Hospital in Claremont is one of 10 hospitals in the state not included in Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield’s network for plans sold on the exchange this year. The hospital wasn’t offered an opportunity to negotiate, Valley Regional CEO Peter Wright said.

Anthem “quite cleverly followed the letter of the law, but found the loopholes to exclude the most economically disparaged [sic] communities in the state,” Wright said. “It’s almost classism. We’re supposed to be taking care of the people who can’t otherwise get care.”

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Bill Nelson, R-Brookfield, was more measured, saying the bill is about “fairness, it’s about monopolies, about jobs, about the patients that are inconvenienced by the extra travel and expense.”

So it's come to this.

Republicans -- and NH Republicans tend to be of the paleo brand -- are fighting to broaden ObamaCare's narrow networks (albeit carrying water for the hospitals). The Overton Window is nailed firmly in place. Obama's a GENIUS, I tell ya. A fucking EVIL GENIUS.

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