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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Many not now eligible will become so during 2014

Not sure of the implications, but I know I thought the door slammed in March, and it doesn't. Health Affairs:

But our analysis indicates that about as many people will become newly eligible for Marketplace coverage over the course of 2014 as are currently eligible. As more widespread awareness of the ACA and the individual mandate set in, it is likely that enrollment will continue to “ramp up” over time — as it did when Massachusetts implemented its 2006 reforms. Thus, Marketplace enrollment from among the “flow” population of individuals who become eligible next year — not just from the “stock” of currently eligible uninsured and individual plan enrollees — will be important to meet program enrollment and risk-pool goals.

The relatively large number of people who will become eligible for Marketplace coverage over the year due to changed circumstances is not surprising in light of the historically dynamic nature of uninsured status, as well as that of non-group coverage, in the U.S. ...

The above data make it clear that a sizable number of individuals will become eligible for Marketplace coverage throughout 2014. In addition, due to the mandate, there is good reason to believe that a significant number will enroll in Marketplace coverage, and that a healthy portion of those will be young adults. ...

Guy's spinning this as a positive. But of course, it's stupid to have an eligibility period and a signup period, and all of that. People should just be eligible, period, and with single payer they would be.

It's also a major compliance state burden, since now you have to check in with Feds whenever your status changes.

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Submitted by Dromaius on

As the employer mandate kicks in, people are going to be dumped from employer coverage onto the Exchanges.

Even the liberal mecca, Trader Joe's is dumping their employees onto the Exchanges, but because TJ gave them a $500/yr allowance for insurance (laughs and spews coffee), all is forgiven....but the TJ employees may be already eligible and signed up now.

Submitted by hipparchia on

I thought the door slammed in March

that's the end of open enrollment. open enrollment is for people who want to voluntarily make a change in their status quo, whether it's buying insurance for the first time, or switching plans or insurance companies.

if something more-or-less involuntary happens to you -- you lose your job, you have a kid, you get divorced, etc -- that would cause a change in your insurance, you get to buy insurance outside of the open enrollment window. otherwise, buying an insurance plan is basically signing a one-year-long contract with that insurer. and yes, just like pretty much any other contract in this country these days, it's only the little people that are bound by the law and the "sanctity of contracts.".