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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Its “Single Streamlined Application” is 26 pages long. To be fair, that includes the penalty for perjury

I hate to quote Forbes, because the "ZOMG!!!! Government paperwork!!!!" trope is so shopworn, but I've looked at the ObamaCare form, and it really is a horrow show:

The Obama Administration quietly released a draft copy [PDF] of its “single streamlined application” for Obamacare. This is the form that the government will use to certify eligibility for the program’s subsidies. The on-line version of that form requires 60 printed pages to spell out all the queries. (A condensed paper version of the same application fills 21 pages).

And all this comes before you fill out your state paperwork to see if you’re eligible for Medicaid (and before you even begin to select a health plan). There’s also a separate form that you’ll have to give to your employer to complete for you.

What’s in the 60-page document? Most families of four will have to answer about 1,000 discrete queries by the time they’re done. Some of the information you won’t have ready access to.

Remember, the metaphor we keep hearing is that under ObamaCare, buying health insurance online is going to be like buying an airline ticket at Travelocity or shoes at Zappos.

Not so. What Forbes misses, of course, is that the whole exercise is not about "paperwork" but about rent-seeking. The entire point of ObamaCare is to guarantee the insurance companies a market for their product -- creepily called "the Marketplace," with capital "M," in the draft copy linked to above -- even though there is no demonstrable value to having the insurance companies involved in any health care transaction. All the income tests, all the eligibility criteria, all the options and "choices": All these are there to enable successful rent seeking, and all go away when health care is a right and there is a single payer system like Medicare for All.

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Submitted by chadwick newsome on

the single streamlined application sounds like welfare/food stamp applications I've heard about. Namely, they are designed to discourage people from applying, to thoroughly humiliate people who mange to apply anyway, and to set traps for people that will expose them to criminal liability if they screw up at any point in the difficult, opaque application process.

Have I mentioned lately that Obama is an ass hole?

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

" ... and to set traps for people that will expose them to criminal liability if they screw up at any point in the difficult, opaque application process."

This is exactly right and it happens systematically in the "social services" realm of "social programs." Following this thread, it starts to point to what may be yet another purpose of ACA -- adding more "customers" to the private-prison cartel -- it's a twofe of sorts -- the Streamlined Application will deliver one set of Americans into prisons to maintain and grow the rents of Prison Companies and the other set of Americans into insurance policies to crank up the revenues of insurance companies.

To me, it is looking more and more like ACA is a multi-purpose (omnibus?) Trojan Horse to disable the autonomy of the 99% in a few simple strokes.

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Submitted by a little night ... on

Well, who could have predicted this? (I mean, other then our intrepid Correntian readers of the danged* bill.)

* I'm so polite, it kills me. Almost literally. (No worries, lambert: I intend to make great things happen. No thanks to the VERY EXPENSIVE "health" Care" "System" But thanks for being the enormous and devoted friend that you are to all of us who post here.)

Submitted by lambert on

I just started poking about for ObamaCare and ACA in the news this morning, and more levels and layers of wrongness and badness kept appearing. Incredible but true!

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

The Rentier Macro Frame of the program -- creating a forced market for the Health Insurance cartel -- is as you say, the main point of FrankenCare.

Thank you for posting Forbes and your commentary on this "streamlined form." This particular aspect of "the program" seems irrational from a streamlining point of view, though not at all if it is in fact designed as a "comprehensive information gathering" project that is simply inserted into the ACA to collect otherwise private data about as many Americans as possible.

Could this just be one of the many ways in which Obama is facilitating the centralization of everyone's data about everything into the monster machine in Utah or wherever DHS et al are collecting iris-prints, fingerprints, voiceprints, credit card footprints, smartphone tracks, ... and now 1000s of "things" about what he predicts will be hundreds of thousands of families?

I think this is a police state initiative sandwiched inside the macro program of delivering all of us into poverty, ill health and premature death via toxic relationships with insurance companies.

Is this too foily?

Submitted by lambert on

... though the techniques won't be simple.

Reading it, I was reminded of the Prussian state, which ran its social welfare programs out of the police stations.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Re. the Prussian state running it's social welfare programs out of police stations: get out of town! Do you have any biblio references for that? It's so on point.

Maybe the backbone of the Hamilton Institute agenda is just a power point summarizing the "Prussian Model of Social Welfare Program Delivery: Synergizing National Security and the Maintenance of Subsistence Standards Among the Populace."

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Submitted by NWLuna on

One of my patients, an indentured servant independent contractor for a multinational corporation, looked at what Washington state has set up for its Exchange. She told me she'd pay $6,000 a year in premiums and have $2,000 out-of-pocket costs. She's recently been diagnosed with a chronic progressive (bad word in medicine, is "progressive") disease.

I am so sick of hearing stories like this.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Create a node to invite submissions with easy to use form, then "pin" the stories to a geo map of the US with "hover over" capability so just by hovering the cursor you get the story behind a particular pin?

(It should be pretty easy to filter out fake troll submissions.)