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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Is there something about Democrats that caused five separate ObamaCare website debacles?

We all know how Obama -- assuming his staff aren't lying to cover for him -- was never told and worse, never asked about the problems with the Federal Exchange website. And we also know that to this very day nobody has been fired for the debacle, or even disciplined. (Obama, needless to say, is nominally a Democrat.) Now we see the same sort of administrative and executive dysfunction in four Democratic states whose Exchanges failed as well. ProPublica:

Much has been written (and will continue to be written) about the spectacular failure of health insurance exchanges in Minnesota, Massachusetts, Oregon and Maryland—all blue states that support the Affordable Care Act.

One common element emerging in the coverage of these exchanges is that at least some state employees knew they were heading for disaster but didn’t take action early enough to remedy it. All the states have blamed some, if not all, of their problems on outside tech contractors.

Well, yes. With Democrats, it is always, 100% of the time, somebody else's fault. Mean Republicans! Outside contractors! Ralph Nader! Some detail on each state:

[Oregon] is the only one in which no one has been able to enroll using the website. In an article last month, the newspaper reported that a technology analyst at Oregon's Department of Administrative Services warned last May that managers at the exchange were being "intellectually dishonest" in claiming it would be ready Oct. 1. .... Cover Oregon leaders wavered between despair and an almost evangelical enthusiasm that they could complete the site. In the end they charged ahead, piloting an unfinished, largely untested exchange project right up to the Oct. 1 go-live date with no backup plan ready to go. ... The Oregon Health Authority last January withheld payment from the company hired to monitor the project, claiming its persistent criticism was inaccurate and inflammatory.

The new documents show that the [Minnesota] exchange staff quietly made a significant change to its key contract for building MNsure — just months after making major revisions to the timeframe and size of the project. .... The Star Tribune has reported on lengthy delays at the exchange’s call center and how officials in charge of the project received bonuses before its disastrous launch.

Massachusetts officials knew in July, three months before the launch of the state’s ill-fated health insurance website, that the technology company in charge was far behind on building the site and that there was “a substantial and likely risk” it would not be ready, according to a state official’s memo.The head of the Massachusetts Health Connector Authority, which runs the insurance marketplace, was copied on the July memo. But the executive director, Jean Yang, and her staff never told the Connector board during its monthly public meetings that the project was off track, according to meeting minutes.

The Washington Post reported last month how “senior [Maryland] state officials failed to heed warnings that no one was ultimately accountable for the $170 million project and that the state lacked a plausible plan for how it would be ready by Oct. 1.” ... Within moments of its launch at noon Oct. 1, the Web site crashed in a calamitous debut that was supposed to be a crowning moment for Maryland officials who had embraced President Obama’s Affordable Care Act and pledged to build a state-run exchange that would be unparalleled.

Now, it is true that not all Democratic states had similar problems; California, for example, has a website that works (though since Democrats exempted Covered California from the state's open records law, it's hard to know what other brands of #FAIL there might be).

Still, Oregon, Minnesota, Massachetts, Maryland, and the Federal government, all Democratic states, with ObamaCare website debacles.... That's an uncomfortable pattern. The common factor seems to be unwillingness to accept bad news, or pass it up the food chain. Why is that? Takes me back to Organizational Behavior class....

NOTE Even though ObamaCare is an absurdly complex Rube Goldberg device, and therefore tough to implement, California (Democrat) implemented it. As did Kentucky (Republican).

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Submitted by Alexa on

who has been all over the Tube hawking his "KY Miracle" Health Exchange. I don't know if it's a state or federal exchange--be Beshear declared it a "great success" due to all the heavy Medicaid enrollments, just days after the Oct 1st launch.

(Of course, KY is, I suppose, considered a 'red state,' and has two Repub Senators).

His a link to Beshear's Wiki Bio, and an excerpt, which pretty much demonstrate that he is a DINO:

. . . In 2013, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) rated Beshear as one of 18 "Worst Governors in America," saying that he had "allowed representatives of the coal industry to exert improper influence over official appointments."

Just the kind of Dem that this Administration gets along with, LOL!

Anymore, I'm not sure if PBO and Beshear are representative of 'nominal' Dems, or flat-out 'typical' Dems!


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Submitted by McDee on

The biggest difference I see between the 2 legacy parties is that the Repubs are by and large nuts. One can still point to a few Dems here and there who are "decent".

But...the Democratic Party is so comprmised and corrupt that even the "decent " ones are doomed to being ineffectual. A good apple will not make a barrel of rotten apples good.

For years Dennis Kucinich was the "left gatekeeper" for the Dems. The "look at what's possible" Democrat. It looks like that job now belongs to Elizabeth Warren as the Party's Populist.

It's an election year so expect the usual: Warren will be held up as the exemplar of the Dems "new populism" and then as election time gets closer, the professional apologists will start in with "look at how horrible the Repubs are..."

Progressive reform is doomed as long as it is chanelled through the Democratic Party, the place where reform goes to die.