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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Incrementalism predicted for 2014"

Or, as I prefer to call it, "excrementalism." Don McCann:

Democrats want to repair some of the defects in the Affordable Care Act. Republicans want to include some of their favorite proposals such as expansions of health savings accounts and catastrophic plans, and loosening restrictions on sale of insurance products across state lines. Members of both parties wish to curry the favor of the voters before the November elections. This is a setup for mediocre incrementalism when what we really need is… well, the most popular NYT reader response (out of 475 at moment) [to this story] says it well:

Atikin - North Carolina
The only logical solution: single-payer.

Yep. Never mind what Ezra Klein says. It's out there.

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Dr. McCanne needs to look again--Democrats just greatly expanded the use of catastrophic health plans in the ACA! Not going to work to try and shift the blame for that onto Repubs.

And, since Democrats have done this, if they have no intention of overturning this aspect of the ACA--and we pretty much can deduce that they don't--expanding HSA's is actually not a bad idea.

(I'll be posting a video soon of a top DLCer explaining that "we chose not to have socialized medicine--which is "why" we must have the "individual mandate.")

I despise it when politicians and Party pundits actually have the gall to blame their blunders on "the American People."

We really need to "pluck the vine" of these toxic lawmakers, pundits and Democratic Party strategists [like this dude who co-founded the DLC].