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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Howard Dean throws Gruber (and by extension Obama (and Clinton)) under the bus

This is interesting. Mediaite:

Reacting Wednesday to the now-infamous “Gruber video,” former DNC chair Howard Dean said it demonstrates how the Affordable Care Act was written by “elitists” who don’t understand America.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe played the 2013 clip of Obamacare consultant Jonathan Gruber explaining that a “lack of transparency” and “the stupidity of the American voter” helped get the 2010 health care law passed. Asked for his reaction by Mika Brzezinski, Dean went off:

The problem is not that he said it. The problem is that he thinks it. The core problem under the damn law is it was put together by a bunch of elitists two don’t fundamentally understand the American people. That’s what the problem is.

Dean was a long-time proponent of single-payer health care, rather than the standard insurance-based American system or its legislative overhaul.

This is a right wing site, I think, so "single payer! Quelle horreur!!" but nevertheless...

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Submitted by lambert on

Which terrorists is Dean lobbying for? If this is irony, I'm missing it. If it isn't, I need a link.

Submitted by Dromaius on

Nope, no comment needed. The only thing the "ACA" would have helped with is the initial stabilization in the ER. After admittance, and because the time in the medical coma, etc, the bill would have been nearly the same. But it's really shitty that the hospital didn't recognize that they weren't in network and then transferred her to an in-network hospital. Even if they had to airlift her, it would have been cheaper than staying in an out of network ICU.