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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Hispanics out of luck except for young dudes with SmartPhones


“Even with the federal grants given out, it does not nearly cover the populations we have to reach and the amount of work we have to do,” says Lori Baptista, director of policy at the Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center Inc. in Hayward, California. The center sees 14,000 patients and clients each year; 78 percent are Latino, and 70 percent do not speak English as a first language. ...

Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center will be able to hire one full-time employee to work on enrolling patients in health coverage with the help of a federal grant specifically for federally qualified community health centers, but the center “could easily use 10 full-time navigators — that would be ideal,” Baptista says. Because California is running its own exchange, the center was able to get an additional grant from the state, but she says it still didn’t come close to filling the need.

Now, I'm sure statements like this are getting the Obama Administration's attention: After all, the Hispanic community successfully threatened him in 2012 on immigration when it counted -- before the vote -- unlike pathetic "progressive" hosers.

That said, do the math: (14,000 / 52) * 78% = the weekly case load = 209. (209 * 70%) / 40 hours a week = number of Spanish-speaking clients a navigator would need to steer through the ObamaCare application process from start to finish per hour: 3.65, or over 20 minutes per client. Na ga happen, not in a million years, no matter what the program managers are telling Obama.* (And at this point we remember that families with more than two members are going to have to fill out their applications on paper.)

And then there's this. In a totally unexpected development, is all fucked up if you're Hispanic:

“We have a lot of catching up to do,” says Manuela McDonough, a program manager at NCLR. “Community health centers and Hispanic community organizations are underfunded and understaffed and they can’t dedicate the time to do the necessary outreach to the most vulnerable populations.”

Without additional funding and culturally appropriate information, outreach efforts are unlikely to meet the needs of Hispanics, McDonough says, particularly because the While House’s “strategies and tactics for reaching Latinos are off.”

“They’re doing an online campaign, and a lot of the Latinos we serve don’t have access to online services,” she explains. The translation of the Obamacare website,, is “not culturally competent,” she adds, and some of the videos are still in English.

Sure, that translates to "Hire my translators!' but that doesn't mean McDonough is wrong. And at this point we remember how Klein and (sadly) Kliff slathered it on with this truly stupendous, awesomely full service post (original; takedown) on ObamaCare's tech team and its tech dude leader, Operative Simas:

This, then, is the crux of Obamacare’s challenge: Can the federal government persuade young, healthy people to buy health insurance?

Simas is focusing his formidable analytical resources on understanding this group. He begins clicking through a Powerpoint that holds reams of data on these young adults. “What do we know about them?” he says. “They’re overwhelmingly male.” Click. “They’re majority nonwhite.” Click. “One out of every three lives in California, Florida or Texas.” Click. “We have census maps breaking this down into the smallest geographic units.”

All fine, but clearly -- given the technical state of play described by McDonough, and the non-profit state of play described by Baptista, if you're not a young Hispanic dude with a SmartPhone, Team Obama is throwing you under the bus. Attaboy, Operative Simas! Could it possibly be that Obama's just going to sign up his demographic and declare victory for universal health care? Surely, even Obama wouldn't be that shameless!

NOTE * Hilariously, Young Ezra links to a post on Hispanic sign-up issues in the this very post: "Obamacare trains are running on time. No wrecks." Well, it's easy to make the trains run on time if you just change the schedule whenever you want by eliminating the employer mandate and income verification requirements at the state level. And it's easy to avoid wrecks when you define a derailment as "a bump in the road."

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Submitted by albrt on

He is talking about the administration's target audience, the people the administration will make a disproportionate effort to sell insurance to.

The administration has developed a target profile that is overwhelmingly male because the administration's primary goal is to ensure actuarial profitability for the insurance companies, and males use less health care on average.

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The administration has developed a target profile that is overwhelmingly male

Agreed, albrt.

Also believe that this is a "target group" because there are simply large numbers of minority males who are "unemployed, therefore uninsured."