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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Here speaks a "progressive" with no personal worries about paying for health care

After Max Baucus (D-Wellpoint) shouts "train wreck!" in a crowded hearing room, Kevin Drum calls for calm and hastily dampens expectations:

I don't expect the implementation of Obamacare to go smoothly. It's big, it's complex, it's underfunded [huh?]*, and Republicans desperately want it to fail. This makes problems inevitable. Nevertheless, pouncing on every reported hitch as a harbinger of doom is taking schadenfreude too far. HHS has consistently claimed that they'll be ready to go by October 1. Maybe that's overoptimistic. But although it will probably take several years for Obamacare's uptake rate** to reach its goal***, I'll bet that by this time next year it will be up and running and basically doing its job. It's a little early to be writing its obituary.

I see that socipopathic indifference and lack of empathy knows no party.

It's not ObamaCare's obituary I'm worried about, Kevin.

NOTE * Alert: New alibi sighting!

NOTE ** Of course, single payer doesn't need an "uptake rate." Medicare took one (1) year to implement for all over-65s, back in the day. That's because single payer doesn't suck.

NOTE *** Of leaving 25 or 30 million still without coverage.

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38,000,000 uncovered. My original estimate was 35,000,000. Things have gotten worse since then with the possibility that States can opt-out and the likelihood that the economy will continue to stagnate or get worse under the weight of austerity. So, I'm upping things a bit. Even that might be conservative. I'm convinced the 25 - 30 million estimate is giving them too much credit

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Now he's raising his doubts and objections? He hired the health care insurance shill who wrote the bill that put billions into the insurance industries pockets, did nothing to lower costs to the consumer, did nothing to lower the cost of health care itself and didn't guarantee access to treatment. Unfortunately, the voters in his state have no clue.

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In a bizarre way it is encouraging. That fact that Drum suggests that it is too early to write its obituary suggests to me that parts of Versailles have begun to do exactly that. One thing the Obama team underestimated is how determined the Republicans were to make him fail. I don't just mean Obamacare, I mean turning down highway money, anything to make things worse in the economy. Even I was taken aback by their utter indifference to the country or their cynical (and sadly correct) calculation that if they made things worse the Democrats would get the blame.

So Obamacare just takes this to the next level. LBJ never faced anything like this in getting Medicaid implemented. But that was a different world. And by taking the path of a Rube Goldberg bail out of the health insurance industry rather than the simple Medicare for All, Obama has delivered himself and his program into the hands of his opposition.

And now Bacus, who after Obama, is the most responsible for this monstrosity, wants to walk back from it. Too late. I don't think there is any possibility of Bacus getting renominated, I will be surprised if he even runs again.

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than a year for everyone eligible from date of signing with first checks going out the in about, what, 4 months?

I have no sympathy for Obama -- all the "little single payer advocates" warned him it was stupid to get so complicated, just to keep the private for-profit insurance companies well compensated, when the template was there for Medicare for All which would cut costs immediately simply by using the 30-20% profits required to keep the elites in the health care industry so well compensated for, oh, health CARE.

Obama wanted to "bend" the costs, ever so gently so the Corporations would make their profits, while the "little single payer advocates" wanted to cut the cost and increase the health CARE for everyone.

But Obama had an agenda and it was at the behest of his Corporate donors and masters. Not that he didn't actually believe they deserve those high profits, since he did. He also believes the 99 Percent types do not deserve the lowered standard of living they've been forced into since the mid-70's. See this post about Barbara Garson's book, Down the Up Escalator: How the 99 Percent Live in the Great Recession.

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I used to go to Drum for the cats. Since he became Pete Peterson's rent boy, I've been getting my cat fix elsewhere.

(Yeah, it is annoying when people who have no health care access concerns of their own, tell the rest of us what we should have to put up with.)