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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Geographical discrimination in Maine

Portland Press Herald:

An Aroostook County resident who buys a health care plan on the new federal insurance exchange could pay $1,000 more per year in premiums than a Portland resident for exactly the same coverage, according to information released Wednesday by the Maine Bureau of Insurance.

The insurance industry lobbied for the changes, arguing that it costs more to deliver health care in rural areas. The legislation made it easier to charge different rates based on which county a buyer lives in starting in 2011.

We don't change Social Security benefits by where people live. So why health care?

Answer: Because Obama and the Democrats had one key goal in designing ObamaCare: To preserve the health insurance industry. (As we all know, Liz Fpwler, a Wellstone VP on secondment to Max Baucus's office as chief of staff, wrote the bill.) If that's your goal, regional variation discrimination by geography makes perfect sense.

However, if health care is a right -- and Obama occasionallly makes a rhetorical gesture to this idea -- geographical discrimination makes no sense at all. That's wny we need single payer Medicare for All.

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make perfect sense to me in that rural people pay more. The doctor has to drive out to see you, then if you need surgery the corp. health care has to send the mobile hospital and staff to do the surgery. Then there will be follow up therapy and they come to you at your rural cabin. It's the rural people that will get the best care at the best rate in the long run. I'm sure this what the health care welfare corp. have in mind, right;)

I'm pretty sure by the time we find out all the secret rules only 5 people in Amerika will be able to qualify. The rest of us are DOA or are now housed at a FEMA camps.

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Then that unfairness hits you head on. And you actually pay that extra $1000 yourself.

For those under 400% MAGI, the federal government will generously send that $1000 to the insurance company for you.

Because that income designation sets percentages for everyone regardless of geography (well, maybe Alaska & Hawaii are different, I can't seem to find the source but I THINK I read that Alaska has it's own rules on this)

At 400% of poverty a family is pretty much on their own. No cap, no subsidies, nothing but the mandate.

(If I can flush the Novocain out of my brain in time, I've got an FAQ post almost done on this very issue ... but, more likely it will be tomorrow morning)

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Here is a kindred spirit, posting at Common Dreams ...
Published on Saturday, August 24, 2013 by Common Dreams
"Circular Political Logic Kills People and Single-Payer Reform, So Long as We Allow It"
by Donna Smith

She gives a timeline, from 2008 until now, of the excuses that have been given for politicians forsaking Single Payer and backing the A.C.A. It makes for tragic reading.

I particularly appreciated one commenter's post ...

by "George Washington"

The people are prey. The govts of the US have been transformed into instruments of predation by transnational corporations.
Yes, decent people should recoil in horror at a system that encourages predation, that facilitates predation on the many by the few. "Health care" company executives celebrate when a person gets sick in the US. More profits.
How many people in the US grasp this basic fact? Executives are cheering on the illnesses & injuries of US people. They WANT us to be sick and injured all the time. Sickness & injury are the leverage they use to rob families of everything they own. My uncle sold his house to pay for chemotherapy... and then he perished anyway.