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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Flexian infesting HHS gives classic example of cognitive regulatory capture


"This transition opportunity is quite common in the insurance world," Mike Hash, director of the Health and Human Services Office of Health Reform, says. "This is something our partners in the insurance world are wanting to work with prospective members on, to make sure [they don't interrupt] ongoing medical care."


Of course, Mike Hash is a Flexian, part of DeParle's Flex Net:

Hash is one of the handful of health staffers who have been at the core of health reform from the beginning, serving in posts at both the White House and HHS. As head of the Office of Health Reform, he has played a role in all major decisions implementing the law.

Hash also has built relationships with Democrats and Republicans over a long career in Washington. He was a Democratic aide with the House Energy and Commerce Committee and then served as deputy to now-White House deputy chief of staff Nancy-Ann DeParle when she ran Medicare and Medicaid for President Bill Clinton.

He took over her job when she left but was forced to resign after hosting a fundraiser for a congressional candidate at his home, which was in violation of the law that bans government employees from engaging in partisan activities. Since then, he has held positions with Providence Hospital and Health Policy Alternatives.

Families USA’s Ron Pollack [eeew!] said he had no concerns about the transition.

“Mike Hash is a superb, knowledgeable, experienced health care leader ,* so if in fact Mike is filling that position [at CCIIO], they’re not going to miss a beat in terms of moving forward,” Pollack said.

I highlighted "leader" as a neo-liberal term; I've characterized this sort of usage as "the toxic leader meme," in retrospect possibly poor wording because I meant that the meme was toxic, not the leaders. The idea is when people use the vague term "leader," as opposed to titles like "Director" or "President" or "Secretary" or "CEO" or "Reverend," you are replacing a semantic field that includes concepts like accountability and clearly defined powers with a semantic field that is in essence filled with bundled personal branding characteristics (like bald heads) and that conceals power relations. In other words, you create an ideal environment or Flexians, who thrive on such ambiguities.

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