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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Feds still cannot enroll applicants in Medicaid

KCRG, Iowa:

Nearly 30% of the 25,007 - a total of 7,382 - are listed as "determined or assessed eligible for Medicaid" by the marketplace in the HHS report.

Trying to obtain an accurate picture of how many Iowans have enrolled can also come down to the federal hubs being able to synch information with state computers.

Amy Lorentzen McCoy, spokesperson for the Iowa Department of Human Services, wrote in an e-mail on Wednesday that "the federal hub cannot connect with state systems for the purpose of transmitting application and enrollment information."

The never-ending saga. Actually, this is a third-world experience.

NOTE Ha ha ha. Here's what Sibelius told us back in April:

“The hub is basically built and paid for,” she said.

Except, as I pointed out back then, "34 states haven't connected to it."

And apparently that's still true. Can't anybody here play this game?