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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Every Day Low Price" Exchange PR boards the #FAIL boat after just one day

Politico looks at yesterday's propaganda long-awaited report from the administration on ObamaCare pricing:

Consumers may have to dig a little [what does "a little" mean to you? Is it different from what it means to a Politico writer?] deeper into their wallets to pay for health care in the Obamacare insurance exchanges, according to a new analysis by Avalere Health.

The study of six states suggests that consumers could face steep cost-sharing requirements — like co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles — layered on top of their monthly premiums.

The health law sets exchange enrollees’ maximum annual out-of-pocket costs at $6,350. But many people won’t get near that limit, and deductibles for typical exchange plans can run twice as high as the average employer-sponsored plan.

The study also suggests exchange enrollees could see higher drug co-pays and co-insurance than those in employer-sponsored plans

Walmart has cheap stuff, too, just like the administration's PR says ObamaCare does. And nobody wants to shop there any more. And why?

Leave aside that Walmart's business model of beating down its employees makes for a depressing atmosphere and rotten service; people aren't shopping at Walmart because stuff isn't on the shelves.

And so with ObamaCare. The stuff isn't on the shelves.*

I mean, is it possible there's a reason the administration's PR geniuses are focusing on price first, with value a long, long way behind?

NOTE * Ya know what I think? I think Walmart needs a mandate for people to shop there.

NOTE Avalere Health consults to insurance purchasers.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

I feel vindicated in my plodding mission to highlight the past year's (media/PR) misleading focus on "premium price" as a proxy for the "affordability" of ObamaCare. QED. [Hmphs somewhat smugly :) ].

The time of unveiling has come for ObamaCare's ugliest hidden eastergg: the Mystery Price of junk private insurance!

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

It took a while but I finally figured out the analogy. Selling Obama Marketplace Junk Insurance on an advertising slogan of "Cheap Premiums therefore Affordable Health Care" is just like a financial institution shyster telling a prospective mark who makes $35,000 per year gross that the $800,000 mortgage on the 4 bedroom house is "affordable" because it's a no-downpayment (or $1000) deal with interest-only payments (e.g. $1000 a month) for 12 months. In those transactions, the fact that the monthly payments leap to $5,000 on month 13 is not mentioned in the face-to-face or phone-to-phone or internet-to-internet first pitch and conversation (or in any readable print in the papers) -- until signing by the mark. Financial Armageddon then hits mark on month 13, and the broker is long gone, or the bank and Slimin' Dimon' are unprosecutable and immune from any and all claims of fraud damages, the mortgage has been sold off eleventy times to various servicers who start dunning the mark with junk fees and charges, leading to .... well, we know the story.

The analogy extends also to the seriousness of the business at hand -- in one case, a person's shelter (and financial health) in the other (ObamaCare), a person's health (physical and financial). With health care, the cruelty is arguably sharper -- a person is being shang-haied into buying protection for health care for $X amount, when in fact they are buying no such thing and the costs are several orders of magnitude greater, resulting foreseeably in lack of health care, sickness and death because of same, and/or bankruptcy.

Shorter: the Enroll ObamaCare Campaign is like Angelo Mozillo's "Fund 'Em." Or the cell phone pitch at the store where they don't mention the $30.00 in *monthly* fees and charges and taxes that show up on your bill for the "$29.99 all-in" plan.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Ha - ha, "gauche"!

Maybe the real purpose of Slimin' Dimon's visit to Holder is to advise Obama (who might be in the meeting without us knowing about it) on how to improve the rollout of ObamaCare -- from Slimin' the Expert on the fraudulent marketing and distribution of AAA Toxic Things)! But then you'd expect that Slimin' Dimon would be the one receiving (at *his* HQ (palace)) with Holder taking the Acela (with Obama in his briefcase) -- rather than the other way around.