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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Emerging agency rules show that enforcement will be lax

Shocker. Health Affairs:

CMS and the other implementing agencies (the Departments of Labor and Treasury) continue to issue guidance on specific issues, slowly but steadily moving the implementation ball forward..... The agencies are extending to plan years beginning in 2014 a number of enforcement safe harbors originally announced as lasting only for one year, and are continuing an enforcement policy that “will continue to be marked by an emphasis on assisting [just like OCC!] rather than imposing penalties on) plans, issuers and others that are working diligently and in good faith [ha ha ha] to understand and come into compliance with the new law.” The agencies continue to excuse closed blocks of business from the SBC [Summary of Benefits and Coverage] requirement, thus making it less likely that enrollees in closed blocks will find a better deal elsewhere. Finally, they extend their “anti-duplication” policy to student health plans, so that if, for example, the health plan insurer provides an SBC to a student, the school is excused from also having to provide it.

The patience of consumer groups is wearing thin as the agencies continue to accommodate insurer and employer complaints and demands rather than push ahead aggressively with a pro-consumer agenda.

But all the consumer groups are captured by the Democrats. So I assume it will take a long, long time for their patience to wear through completely.

Meanwhile, it's looking like the CMS is just another captured agency.

NOTE I mean, it's not like profit making health insurance companies have any incentive to deny care or game the system. Oh, wait.....

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