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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Do not fall for the con of the handy online calculators!

They bear no relation at all to your real-life circumstances. Jeffrey Young, HuffPo:

(The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation has a handy calculator that will let people estimate their health insurance costs and tax credit amounts using some basic personal information.)

A caveat:* The actual premiums health insurance companies will charge for plans sold on the exchanges isn't yet known and will vary widely based on where people live, how old they are and other factors. Insurers in Vermont and in Rhode Island have projected their premium increases for 2014 with wildly different results.

In other words, the "handy online calculator" is at best a toy, and at worst monstrously deceptive. I mean, support some trusting soul who makes like $10 an hour at Walmart uses Kaiser's calculator to make financial decisions for 2014 today, the calculation turns out to be wildly wrong, and they've got no margin to recover from the error? What do they do? Email Kaiser's programmer and ask for an apology? And that's not such a far-fetched scenario.

I mean, one reason I felt free to cut loose from the cube in 2006 and move to Maine, even though I became a lot poorer (though happier!) was that Maine already had MaineCare, and I felt that some form of health care was coming, and the Democrats (this was 2006, remember) couldn't possibly fuck it up too badly.

What a laugh!

NOTE * Other than the caveat, Mrs. Lincoln....

NOTE Hat tip, joe6pac

UPDATE When these calcultors are turned into apps, I can see a lot of twenty-somethings getting sucked in....

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