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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Democrats organize civil disobedience for Medicaid expansion (but not, of course, for single payer)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

More than 40 people were arrested Tuesday in a string of protests targeting Gov. Nathan Deal’s decision not to expand Medicaid in Georgia under the Affordable Care Act. Dr. Raphael Warnock of Ebenezer Baptist Church where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was pastor, was among those placed in handcuffs by Georgia State Patrol troopers. Warnock and a group of supporters staged a sit-in outside of Deal’s office Tuesday afternoon. They were arrested without incident and led away as the remaining crowd of protesters sang “We Shall Not Be Moved”

So fucking pathetic and tragic. Surely Dr. Raphael Warnock knows there is a better alternative for his congregation, and the protesters, then neo-liberal infested and cheapass Medicaid?* If he doesn't, he's a fool. If he does, he's a cynical manipulator.

But then, Warnock is a Democrat.

I'm sure this glorious example of grassroots democracy in action -- not to knock the protesters themselves, just their leadership, who suck -- will be all over the "progressive" blogosphere, especially since the protest is against a Republican governor. But when Dr. Margaret Flowers committed civil disobedience in Max Baucus's hearing room because single payer wasn't on the agenda, not a word from those same "progressives." Incredible but true!

NOTE * It's right on this continent! It's even called Medicare!

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