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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Democrat Harkin blasts HHS for turning a prevention program into a slush fund. In response, Sibelius flat-out lies

The Hill:

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) reprimanded the Obama administration Wednesday for using billions of dollars from ObamaCare's preventive health fund for other purposes.

There's a good deal of pearl-clutching on the right about this, but Harkin is a Democrat, and by no means the worst of 'em. I would also note that even under the best interpretation, everybody admits that Obama is taking money from programs meant for direct delivery of health care, and using it for other purposes. That is a very bad sign for how the administration will handle future spending when ObamaCare is fully implemented. Under the worst interpretation, Obama's decided that compensating for the artificially created complexity and confusion of ObamaCare (Sibelius calls this "education") by throwing pork to web site developers, trainers, pollsters, public relations firms, and marketing specialists -- in other words, to members of one of his key constituencies, the technocracy or "creative class" -- is more important than programs that have the proven ability to save lives.

It keeps getting better!

[Harkin] spoke last year of an "ironclad agreement" with the White House not to take more prevention dollars. The payroll tax cut extension of February 2012 had cut $5 billion from the ObamaCare fund.

Oh, Tom. You feel betrayed. I'm sorry. But let's not be naïve. Who remembers Joe Biden's "flat guarantee" of "no changes" to Social Security? I do.

[Sebelius] defended the choice to use prevention dollars to educate consumers about their benefits, which include preventive benefits, under the Affordable Care Act.

"Our outreach and education are [ensuring that] in the most underserved communities, they have access to the preventive benefits that are now, by law, part of insurance coverage."

"Most underserved communities" is not true. The CMS marketing plan will not target the "vulnerable and unengaged" (that is, the population that is most difficult to reach.) They are being thrown under the bus. If you ever mean an Obot who claims that ObamaCare is universal, be sure to mention that fact to them.

NOTE Needless to say, with single payer Medicare for All, the complexity goes away, the confusion goes away, the need for rushed and doubtless-to-be-botched marketing effort goes away, and the slush fund goes away. Of course, everybody who profits from complexity and confusion would have had a sad, but a lot of real people with real health care problems might have been helped. Which'd you rather? Well, we know Obama's answer.

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