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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: DC exchange butchers both Medicaid and tax subsidies

But they're going to open on October 1 anyhow! Grand opening! No goods on the shelves! Here, fill out this form and we'll get back to you! The Hill:

The ObamaCare exchange serving Washington, D.C. is delaying important parts of its operations less than a week before it is scheduled to open for enrollment.

Washington's exchange said Wednesday that it will not be ready on Oct. 1 to calculate the tax subsidies people can receive to help purchase private insurance.

The D.C. exchange also will not immediately be able to determine eligibility for Medicaid.

That's not a glitch, or (as WaPo) has it, a "major snag." That's a Clusterfuck. The WSJ:

Mila Kofman, the director of the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority, said in a statement that there was a "high error" rate discovered during testing of the system.

Well, that's why you don't start to test major systems the week before launch. Jeebus.

The cream of the jest is that the staffers on the Hill who live in the District will have to use Exchanges that don't work.

I don't want the staffers to suffer, because they are ill-paid, and some of them are actually not corrupt, but at least this will bring "the ObamaCare experience" to a broader, and more influential, audience. The question will be whether they blame the city administration (never mind that the city administration reports to Congress) or the Obama administration. Time will tell!

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Or the staffers can blame the outsourced Indian IT contractor -- oops, no, can't do that, because Free Trade and Globalization and Trans Pacific (can't criticize your boss's policy -- cough funding -- mainstays)!

Time will tell, indeed. And I don't think Obama's PR Machine was prepared to deal with a wide swath of congress staffers experiencing the truth of the ObamaCare Scam Clusterf***. Pass the popcorn, or maybe Medicare for All (with Medicare appropriately returned to pre-deterioration levels and improved on top of that, with no additional cost to tax payers).