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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Dan Balz "he said/she said" whitewashes Obama's role in debacle

The relevant passage from WaPo:

After setbacks, does Obama have a turnaround plan?


Leon Panetta, who has held enough high-level jobs in the executive and legislative branches to understand what constitutes leadership, made a telling comment after the partial government shutdown. At some point, he said, it’s essential that a president get his hands dirty if he hopes to prod others to find a way to solve the country’s fiscal problems.

That could be a more general critique of Obama’s leadership style. Aides argue that the president is an effective executive who masters policy details and asks tough questions of his advisers. He is said to be a president who likes debate and disagreement, enjoys the subtleties and nuances of public policy and doesn’t shrink from hard choices.

That is the president aides say they see every day. The public, however, rarely sees this president, nor do many members of Congress. Obama disdains the showier aspects of modern politics. That was a reason he struggled in his first debate against GOP challenger Mitt Romney in October 2012. He finds performance for performance’s sake distasteful.

Oh, please. This is such a piece of sycophantic, courtier-class garbage. Chao says nothing was decided without checking with the White House, and Obama's swanning about the country, four days before launch, claiming would be just like Amazon. Does that really sound like a "an effective executive" "who masters policy details" and "asks tough questions of his advisers" to you? Because if Obama asked the simplest of questions like "Have you tested it?" or "How many users will it handle?" he wouldn't -- assuming sanity -- have gone around the country promising ponies and rainbows. And if he asked the questions and his staff lied to him, as they must have, what does that say?

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They may as well save their breath.

At this point, I can't imagine anything will make a difference, come 2014, LOL!

BTW, Mr A heard that PBO will be on with Chris Matthews this Thursday--on "Hardball"--if anyone is up to viewing some real serious Democratic Party propaganda.