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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Covering part-time workers in the exchanges is giveaway to Walmart. Why not go straight to single payer?

Don McCann:

During the reform [sic] process, the plight of the part-time worker remained an important consideration in trying to design a near-universal system (which it didn't turn out to be). Part-time workers tend to have very low wages making it impossible to purchase decent insurance on their own, and yet their family incomes are often just barely high enough that they do not qualify for Medicaid.

Congress decided to continue to rely heavily on employer-sponsored health plans for coverage. The problem with part-time workers is that most employers either provided them with no coverage at all, or, if they did, the coverage was often so spartan that it was almost worthless. Although it was decided to require all but the smallest employers to provide employee coverage or face financial penalties, legislators yielded to larger employers who wanted part-time employees to be exempt. The threshold qualifying as part-time was set at 30 hours. ...

But look at the opportunity [large retail sellers, supermarket chains, restaurant and fast food chains, hospitality services, and so forth][/large] have with the 30 hour threshold. They no longer have to feel guilty about providing only worthless plans or no plans at all. Under the Affordable Care Act, the government is going to provide part-time employees subsidies inversely related to income, supposedly allowing these people to buy more comprehensive coverage through the exchanges. Employers can walk away, and these employees will get a better deal from the government.

Although it may be a better deal, it's still not such a hot prospect. Even with subsidies for both premiums and out-of-pocket expenses, these low income individuals will still not be able to afford their portion of the costs and will face financial hardship as a result.

So these employers will be relieved of their responsibility of paying for health care coverage for their part-time employees, and the taxpayers will pick up the tab. Although there are important reasons for bringing an end to employer-sponsored coverage, it is unfair to give these employers special breaks, especially when considering that several members of the Walton family are near the top of the billionaires list. We should pay more taxes so that they can collect more billions?

Yes, you should, Don. I thought you understood that.

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