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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Covered California to slip October 1 launch date?

This is what project managers do when they can't deliver on poorly architected bloatware like ObamaCare: They triage functionality, slip deadlines, and say "everything's fine. Really!" LA Times:

Less than six weeks before the launch of a major healthcare overhaul, California officials are scrambling to get their online enrollment system ready in time.

Thursday, the state's new health insurance marketplace said its website may not be fully operational Oct. 1 when consumer enrollment begins under the Affordable Care Act. But officials said they would know more after the results of key computer tests early next month.

This month, Oregon said its online enrollment wouldn't be ready Oct. 1 and it would take only paper and phone applications from consumers for the first few weeks.

Oh, Oregon too?

"We have not made that call yet," said Peter Lee, executive director of Covered California, which is implementing the federal health law in the state. If online enrollment isn't immediately available, Lee said, there would be other ways to sign up through call centers, enrollment counselors and agents before coverage kicks in Jan. 1. "The date we care about is Jan. 1 when coverage takes effect."

Still, there is concern that even a short postponement in online enrollment may turn off some potential participants. But officials think a minimal delay wouldn't significantly hamper sign-ups. Open enrollment in the insurance exchange will run from Oct. 1 to March 31 in the first year.

But some provisions of the health law have already been delayed at the federal level, and health-policy experts say more missed deadlines could embolden critics and further undercut tepid public support for the controversial overhaul.

So, how are all those 18 to 34-year-olds Obama's Big Data Brains are targeting going to feel about paper forms?

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Submitted by jo6pac on

back to big yellow #2 pencils just another to big to fail from the potus.

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Submitted by katiebird on

On Line.

I believe I read that there are 300 plans to be included in the DC exchange. Just how are people supposed to choose a plan from that list without some sort of website?

Are they going to send copies of all the plans for distribution at local libraries?

I am really confused.

Submitted by lambert on

I'll bet you one thing: Not at the Post Office, because that would be, like, totally rational.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Yes, if you're in the demographic that grew up with, and still uses, the Post Office and regards it as something more than some old dinasour "that's government so it sucks, just look at hour great UPS and FedEx are."

Seriously, though. The demographic that Obama is so desperate to enroll in ACA is so immersed in a non-brick-and-mortar world that it's actually an interesting question what would be the most effective brick-mortar location to leave paper enrollment forms. They go to micro-breweries, starbucks, "indy" coffee shops ... FaceBook is probably the most likely "location" to reach as many of these iPeople as possible -- but FB is everywhere in the byte-o-sphere and nowhere in the real world of bricks and mortar!

Conundrum for BHO there. Is there a consultant in the house? Where's that guy who is running the Obama PR machine with his "turnkey solutions to challenging issues"?