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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: College administrators throw adjuncts under the bus

Maria Maisto of New Faculty Majority:

Doug Wright was a highly respected and dearly loved adjunct professor who taught humanities courses for many years at several colleges in Utah. As a so-called part-time faculty member who had the same responsibilities to students as any full-time faculty member, he was given only temporary assignments, sub-professional pay, and was not eligible for health insurance. When he was diagnosed with cancer in May 2009, he spent his life savings on treatment.

A close friend, Paul Babin, made a film about his struggle. The film, The Place Beneath, was an appeal to the country to make health care accessible to all people who need it. 

In an epilogue to the film, Babin describes a party that Doug and his friends held in early November 2009. The film had found a home on the internet, and as he celebrated six months of a hard-fought fight, Doug was to learn that Vice President Joe Biden [always a bad sign] had seen the film and had been moved to write to him expressing his thanks.

Meanwhile, how have top university administrators been doing?

Chief executives of colleges and university systems saw healthy increases in base pay. Leaders of systems earned $370,470, on average, an increase of 15.5 percent. Presidents of single institutions received median base salaries of $274,300, an increase of 7.2 percent.

Under The Sachs Conjecture, that's happening because these chief executives are part of a "morally pathological" elite. Read on for a telling example:

An alarming number of colleges ... are reducing "part-time" faculty members' assignments. Because faculty are not hourly workers, this is meant to guarantee that these professors will not be eligible for employer-provided healthcare. It will also reduce these professors' incomes just when they will be responsible for purchasing their own insurance under the new law. Only one institution in the country, Allegheny Community College, has declared its intention to raise adjunct wages while reducing workload in order to compensate for the lost income.

I don't know what you would call what these adminstrators are doing but "morally pathological." Maybe "just business"?

As [HHS] finalizes its guidelines, both it and the institutions it oversees should remember the lessons that Doug Wright lived and taught. Doug died on November 29, 2009 thinking that the Affordable Care Act would ensure that no American citizen would ever have to endure the pain and indignity of fighting a potentially deadly disease without health insurance. As a teacher deeply committed to his students, his community, and his country, he turned the last six months of his life into the ultimate teaching moment. 

Oh, ha ha ha. ObamaCare won't cover around thirty million Americans, so Wright died decieved, owing to the further operation The Sachs Conjecture. Oh well!

He could have left quietly and privately. Instead he made his experience into a lesson about dignity and responsibility, recognizing that, in the words of the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education, "access to medical care, like access to education, is fundamental to a just society."

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