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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: CA legislator busted for corrupt dealing with hospital


According to a 28-page indictment handed down in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles on Thursday, [Democratic California Senator Ron Calderon] is accused of taking some $100,000 in cash bribes, along with plane trips, golf outings and jobs for his children, in exchange for influencing legislation.

Prosecutors say the lawmaker accepted bribes from Long Beach, California, hospital owner Michael Drobot to preserve a legislative loophole that allowed Drobot to defraud the state's healthcare system out of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Now, I realize this doesn't connect directly to ObamaCare, or to Covered California.

But then there's the fact that Covered California contractors are exempt from California's Open Records law:

However, California lawmakers have given the exchange board the authority to keep all contracts from being disclosed to the public for one year and to conceal the amounts paid for such contracts indefinitely.

The exchange also can keep private records related to:

  • Recommendations;
  • Research;
  • Strategy of the board or its staff; and
  • Those who provide instruction, advice or training for employees.

One can only wonder whether there would be a reason for that; the sort of reason that Democratic California Senator Ron Calderon would instantly understand. From a handy fact sheet on Calderon's connections:

  • Since 2000, Calderon took more than twice the gifts of other legislators [Sac Bee]
  • -- Calderon took approximately $40,000 in lobbyists gifts
  • -- His wife took approximately $6,000 in gifts
  • -- Chief deputy/spokesperson Rocky Rushing took approximately $5,000 in gifts
  • Since 2000, the largest gifts came from:
  • -- The California Correctional Peace Officers Association
  • -- The Association Of California Life & Health Insurance
  • -- The California Independent Petroleum Association
  • -- Applied Materials, Inc.

Of course, campaign contributions aren't the same as bribes [snort].

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