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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: At least the lawyers are getting jobs!

MSN Money:

A mini-boom in hiring is going on in at least one industry under Obamacare.

Legal firms are boosting their staffs to help clients understand and comply with the Affordable Care Act, which goes into effect in 2014, The Wall Street Journal reports. Corporate clients spent $5.72 billion on legal advice for regulatory issues last year, and spending on those services -- which include health care regulations -- is slated to jump to $6 billion in 2013.

"The more they tinker with the federal regulations, the more work we have," Les Johnson, a partner who specializes in Medicare appeals at law firm Liles Parker, told the newspaper.

Lawyers are also getting hired to help structure deals and contracts under the Affordable Care Act, given that Obamacare is testing bundled payments that could do away with the typical fee-for-service type of treatment, as Forbes noted earlier this year.

Swell. Ill wind, and so forth.

Funny thing; there are a lot of lawyers in Congress:

The 113th Congress is in session. But, who are they?

Lawyers, mostly. How do we know? A terrific chart from Businessweek that breaks down all of the professions of the new Congress. There are 128 lawyers in the House and another 45 in the Senate.

Of course, single payer Medicare for All wouldn't create hardly any jobs for lawyers because it's so simple. Could that be a reason Congress -- and our Preznit, a lawyer himself -- never put it "on the table"?

First thing we do....

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