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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: As Obama cuts budget for navigators, there will be a total of 32 working days to hire and train them

Online WSJ:

With time running short before enrollment kicks off Oct. 1, the Obama administration last week cut back on training requirements for these "navigators."

Grants to hire and train the workers aren't expected to be released for another two weeks for the 34 states where the federal government is running all or part of the marketplaces, which will offer insurance to those who don't get it on the job or from Medicare or Medicaid. That leaves just 32 business days to hire and train thousands of helpers in these states.

"It's definitely a tight timeline, and there's a lot to do before Oct. 1," said Jen Bersdale, executive director of Missouri Healthcare for All, a nonprofit advocacy group helping coordinate outreach activities in the state. "I imagine some people will be working overtime to do it."

People will be able to sign up for coverage on a website or through a call center. The navigators will reach out to the uninsured and help people understand the rules and paperwork. The federal funding for the navigators is expected to be funneled mainly through nonprofit health groups, which will employ the helpers.

But that's OK. ObamaCare is so simple you need hardly any training to explain it to other people.


So the noni-profit health groups don't have their grants yet. This campaign is so fucked, it can't even get the precinct captains their walking around money.

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" People will be able to sign up for coverage on a website or through a call center." Translation: you can sign up by talking on the phone to someone who will be signing you up for this massive financial liability (with no value) without being able to see what data they are inputting. I'm talking only about human error here (forget about whatever "incentives" the folks manning those phones have to sign people up (1) at all costs and (2) preferably to the more expensive plans.) (And forget the grasp of ObamaCare mechanics that the person on the phone at the call center has.)

What could possibly go wrong?