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ObamaCare clusterfuck: AFL-CIO's Trumka: Talk softly and carry a soft stick

Contrast these two headlines on Trumka and the AFL-CIO convention:

People's World: Trumka urges "culture shift" to build "real working class movement"

The Hill: AFL-CIO nearing formal criticism of ObamaCare

"Nearing formal criticism"?! ZOMG, what next? A sternly worded letter?

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Submitted by McDee on

Nearing formal criticism...a sternly worded letter...a hard hitting internet petition...OMG, the Revolution is here! I'll bet that these guys will still back the Democrats next year and in 2016. The same Democrats that keep throwing their members under the bus. Sad...

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Submitted by Alexa on

but do you think that it is really possible, and by that I mean:

Sort of like the DLC/Third Way Dems who hijacked the Dem Party starting in 1985 (or so), do Trumka and his acolytes have their "tentacles" so deep into this union/organization, that dislodging him is next to impossible?

IOW, I've (from the outside, of course) never been able to figure out since my union days, what's happened to these folks.

Have the rank-and-file members been propaganized to the hilt, so that they now believe that "corporatist" IS "liberal?" (Like so many in the base of the Dem Party seem to think.)

Or, does the rank-and-file mostly "get it," but are powerless to "dethrone" Trumka for the same reason that we can't seem to get rid of the corporatist Dems--a David versus Goliath situation--just too much money and power to fight against.

These are dumb questions, I'm sure, but you seem like a nice and patient guy--so I'll ask them, anyway. ;-)

(And it's wonderful to hear that the longshoremen are still "fighters.")

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Submitted by jo6pac on

(And it's wonderful to hear that the longshoremen are still "fighters.")

I don't know how the East Coast Longshoreman are doing, the info I passed along is West Coast only.

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Submitted by Alexa on

For certain, I wouldn't know either.

My Father worked at a Southern port as a longshoreman for a couple of years to finance his education--that's the extent of my knowledge regarding this trade, LOL!

My impression is that the west coast unions are considerably more activist than those on the east coast, but I no longer have any connection with any unions. So I may be off-base on that.