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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Access CT fucks up 2,400 plans, won't say why

Hartford Courant:

More than 2,400 Connecticut customers [citizens] who bought health plans on Access Health CT were given incorrect information about their insurance plans, in one case underestimating the maximum out-of-pocket by at least $4,000.

The website for Access Health CT, the state's new health exchange, had incorrect information online about deductibles and co-insurance impacting all 19 individual health plans from the three insurance companies that offer those plans through the exchange: Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Connecticut, ConnectiCare, and HealthyCT. The 12 small-group plans were unaffected.

Access Health CT would not say how the problem started, or who was responsible. The exchange did say that the problem was discovered in late September and was fixed by Oct. 30.

The exchange said a letter was mailed to 2,408 people who bought plans from the starting date of Oct. 1. A spokeswoman did not respond to a request Wednesday for the number of enrollees who changed their plans after receiving the letter.

It's always a pleasure to see Democrats evading accountability behind secrecy just like Republicans. More on this sorry episode, and a price example of deploying the "glitch" talking point:

Keith Stover, a lobbyist and spokesman for the Connecticut Association of Health Plans, said he thinks the inaccuracies are troubling but not surprising given the complexities of a systemwide overhaul of the nation's health system.

"I think we have a tendency given what the national debate has been over the last few months, to assume that every glitch is a catastrophe," Stover said.

It's a "catastrophe" if you spent money on the wrong policy, asshole.

The website problem runs counter to a national narrative that Connecticut's exchange has been held up as a model case for how the Affordable Care Act marketplaces should work. President Barack Obama singled out the plan as a positive example at an event at the White House Rose Garden in October.

Well, California is now the model. Let's try to keep up.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

... hole. Or if you signed up to pay $1000 per month for 12 months and then find out your bill is six times that amount but you're stuck, so can't pay the mortgage this year, or school tuition, or car payments, or electricity and heat.

It's the disease of these people who do stuff from the padded rooms of their offices filled with metrics and computers and have only the dimmest sense of the "end users" (i.e., citizens) as "things" or "units" that have to be accomodated into their computer systems.

Inhumanity writ large -- and deep.

Submitted by Dromaius on

...and then their site went down for two weeks....and they overcharged a bunch of people...and they accidentally over-subsidized a bunch of people, so I guess you're right, it's California.

If I were enrolling on an Exchange, I'd talk first to my bank about setting up an account WITHOUT overdraft protection just for paying for "insurance". Create an auto-transfer to that account every month.