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ObamaCare Clusterfuck

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10/24/13 Obamacare Clusterfuck: Texas Doctors, Hospitals Don't Know If They're In Or Out Of Obamacare Plans
10/24/13 CMS's Julie Bataille on State of ObamaCare Clusterfuck
10/24/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Dr. Margaret Flowers, "Why ObamaCare Will Fail to Solve Our Health Care Crisis"
10/23/13 ObamaCare clusterfuck: Consumer Reports "Guide to health care reform"
10/23/13 ObamaCaid - Connecticut
10/23/13 ObamaCare clusterfuck: So is Obama a bad manager, or is Obama a bad manager?
10/23/13 ObamaCaid - New York State Stats
10/23/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Democratic hack Joan Walsh: "I have insurance, stupid."
10/23/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "People In Stock Photos Now Visibly Panicking"
10/22/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Joan Walsh to reality-based community: STFU
10/22/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Obama names Jeffrey Zeints ObamaCare IT Czar
10/22/13 O'Care Levity - John Stewart and John Oliver on Video
10/22/13 Consumer Reports carries Obama's water on responsibility for Exchange/Marketplace IT #FAIL
10/21/13 Again with the "Folks" terminology (Obama's ACA Speech)
10/21/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Aw, come on. Fainting at an Obama campaign event is so 2008
10/21/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: The New York State Zero-f***k
10/20/13 ObamaCare: In which lambert yet again apologizes for being prematurely correct
10/20/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Ross Douhat pivots elegantly to... What, exactly?
10/19/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Can it be possible that ObamaCare treats volunteers as employees for purposes of determining employer subsidies?
10/19/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Who's doing QA on the site? They can't even fix errors on the "Marketplace" landing page!
10/18/13 Heritage Foundation Blasts Heritage Foundation's Health Care Program
10/18/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Hideously slow and error-prone Federal Exchanges select for the desperate, wrecking actuarial calculations
10/18/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: So how come a squillion dollar website permits double posts?
10/17/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Could the takings doctrine cement the health insurance companies in place forever?
10/17/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Insurance industry getting 30 to 40 signups a week from the Federal Exchanges. And the data sucks.
10/17/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: 110,000 signed up as state exchanges out do the Feds
10/17/13 ACA vs Medicare for All - Margaret Flowers and Bruce Dixon (BAR)
10/16/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Essential benefits" to be determined randomly by state
10/15/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: There's a reason the Obots don't want to call it "ObamaCare" any more
10/15/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Former White House spokeshole Robert Gibbs calls for firing over the rollout, blames "architectural" problems
10/15/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: First phishing sites taken down by states
10/15/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: 50% of Florida's known ObamaCare sign-ups are former Obama campaign operatives
10/15/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Avik Roy evolves a ridiculous, paranoid theory that shows he doesn't understand Democrats
10/14/13 ObamaCare Navigators and Your Data
10/14/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Obama is lucky in his enemies, as Republican shutdown #FAIL drives ObamaCare launch #FAIL off the front page
10/14/13 U.S. Health "care": Rentiers 1 Squillion; People Minus 1 Squillion
10/12/13 Empire Blue Cross Website NYS
10/12/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: AmericaBlog's experience on the DC and Federal Exchanges
10/12/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: CMS's manual for the Federal Exchange ("Federally Facilitated Marketplace Enrollment Operational Policy & Guidance")
10/11/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: ObamaCare's system architecture is inherently vulnerable to phishing and fake sites
10/11/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Good thing there are only 51,000 signups on the Federal exchange, because they'll have to change the passwords and sometimes their user names
10/11/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Conventional wisdom congeals that Obama has a month to fix the Exchanges
10/11/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: 38% may have "large" subsidy clawbacks when they file their 1040s
10/11/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Only 51,000 signed up in the first week on the Federal exchanges
10/10/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Federal Exchange passing bad data to insurers. But very little data!
10/10/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Press and anonymous officials push "the real deadline" out to February 1
10/10/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Memo to good faith progressives: Please get the history right!
10/10/13 HealthCare.Gov (non) Answers re Use of Credit Scores (Screen Shots)
10/09/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Central Florida lead Navigator: Medicare may "eventually" be on the Exchanges
10/09/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: In which lambert apologizes for being prematurely EVEN MORE correct [UPDATED]
10/09/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "The first website that has ever put me on hold"
10/09/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Federal Exchange won't be able to connect to Medicaid until November 1 at least
10/08/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: On the Literally Hidden Real Costs (ex Premiums) of ACA Policies
10/08/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: In which lambert apologizes for being prematurely correct
10/08/13 ObamaCare Fed Exchange Sending Corrupt Data to Insurers
10/07/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: ObamaCare creates "jobs" to explain its useless complexity
10/06/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Here's the only ObamaCare website that worked perfectly on Day One. Why? It was single payer Medicare
10/05/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: First hints of real back-end problems on the Federal Exchange begin to appear
10/05/13 Obamacare Clusterfuck: Hospital sues its state commissioner over not being included on Exchange plans.
10/05/13 Does Obamacare Website Time Out if you take too long to compare plans?
10/04/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Administration announces Federal Exchanges down for "maintenance" over the weekend
10/02/13 Another (Small) Lightbulb Moment About ObamaScam
10/02/13 DRASTICALLY thin provider networks on Obamacare Exchange plans
10/01/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: NPR feeds its audience the "glitch" talking points
10/01/13 opens at midnight on the day of the government shutdown and lambert finds a bug
09/28/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: PA state single payer efforts actually garner Republican support
09/28/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Every Day Low Price" Exchange PR continues #FAIL when people start looking at value
09/27/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: DC exchange butchers both Medicaid and tax subsidies
09/27/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Every Day Low Price" Exchange PR boards the #FAIL boat after just one day
09/27/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Obama butchers Spanish-language version of, so it will be delayed
09/26/13 Another non-functioning function of ObamaCare Exchange
09/26/13 ObamaCare Staggers Toward the October 1 Finish Line (5)
09/25/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Suppose I don't want email reminders, or just want to play with the site?
09/23/13 ObamaCare clusterfuck: Putting less cereal in the box, while leaving the size of the box the same
09/19/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: 12 days left until enrollment, and the Federal Exchanges can't calculate prices correctly
09/16/13 ObamaCare Requires Your Doctors to Ask Invasive and
09/12/13 ObamaCare "Help" Hotline (Another Chat Script)
09/12/13 ObamaCare clusterfuck: In shocker, Obama lied about you being able to keep your coverage
09/12/13 ObamaCare clusterfuck: AFL-CIO's Trumka: Talk softly and carry a soft stick
09/09/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: If you're not a US resident, you're on your own
08/28/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: A worked example of how clawback works when the second spouse gets a job
08/24/13 ObamaCare: Obama says ObamaCare is a "Republican idea"
08/23/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Covered California to delay quality rating system
08/23/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Covered California to slip October 1 launch date?
08/16/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Will, ObamaCare's privatized "web broker entity," discriminate against Spanish-speaking citizens?
08/16/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Private web insurance sites enroll for ObamaCare (for a 7% fee?)
08/16/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Did Harry Reid just throw ObamaCare, and Obama, under the bus in favor of single payer?
08/15/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Administration news blackout on six "payment reform" experiments
08/13/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Out-of-pocket limits delayed for the convenience of insurance companies who didn't reprogram their systems
08/13/13 "Teen Denied Transplant Over 'Noncompliance'"
08/10/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Obama plays the expectations game in his latest presser
08/08/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Unions finally waking up to how Obama, and ObamaCare, betrayed them
08/07/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: As Obama cuts budget for navigators, there will be a total of 32 working days to hire and train them
08/07/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Federal data hub will be certified secure (or not) on September 30, one day before launch
08/02/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Obama gets involved, gives special treatment on the Exchanges to ill-paid Congressional staffers, but not the rest of the working poor
08/01/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Geographical discrimination in Maine
08/01/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: End-to-end testing of the Federal data hub to begin in September
07/31/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Rush Holt calls for single payer
07/30/13 PPACA Links: 2013-07-30
07/26/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: When Obama said the exchanges would be like when you "buy a flat-screen TV or plane tickets" he was flat-out lying