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Obama Won't Commit to Safe Drinking Water for All

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The US is the holdout gumming up the works on the passage of a UN Resolution to enshrine "The human right to safe drinking water and sanitation."

All UN members have agreed that this basic right derives from the right to an adequate standard of living.

Except the United States of America, currently headed by Obama.

Not that this would surprise readers of Corrente, who seem more attuned than others to the reality on American ground that 19th century (or Dickensian) living conditions are fast becoming a government-endorsed norm -- here in "First World" America. Detroit anyone?

I suppose that Obama and his Elite Handlers, and the Mike Bloomberg's of this world, already have a plan in the works for an alternate private water system that will guarantee them clean drinking and washing water, while the masses die off due to Third Wold Hygiene and Thirst in the Great Thinning of the Herds.

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Submitted by Barmitt O'Bamney on

As a self-described Republican and Reagan admirer, President Obama heartily endorses the right of all to become millionaires, and the right of all millionaires to become billionaires, free of all regulatory hindrances, notions of social solidarity, or shame. His endorsement applies to all regardless of creed, color, or national origin. That should be good enough for anyone! Endorsing clean water as a right - no. That is the beginning of Socialism. The right to lead-free food would be the next step, wouldn't it? And if that was granted, why not a guaranteed right to a paying job and income support to pay for food water and shelter? What would be next? The right to education? The right to health care? You can surely see the Pandora's Box this insidious so-called right to clean drinking water would open. Nip it the bud! Let them keep drinking their malarial, giardia infected local effluents. If they really want to drink clean water, let them become billionaires (they could start another Facebook, for instance, in sub-Saharan Africa) and they can decontaminate their own water. We must not help them in this way since it would only make them dependent on our aid. As for getting out of their way, we will stop pissing in their well when they do; meanwhile we wish them all the best in their efforts to make a billion dollars and clean themselves up.

Submitted by lambert on

We need to invade Canada and sell their water Las Vegas, etc. Because freedom!

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Maybe not so silly. Have you read *everything* in the secret drafts of the TPP?

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