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Obama uses moral suasion to get companies not to discriminate against the disemployed when hiring for crappy jobs that mostly aren't there anyhow

WaPo's headline is a bit kindlier:

Obama takes action to address long-term unemployment
Obama issued a memorandum on Friday saying that federal agencies should not look unfavorably [whatever the Fuck that means] upon job-seekers who are unemployed or facing financial difficulties, signaling [note Beltway-ese; Beltway types are all the time "signalling" to each other, for some nutty reason] to those individuals that federal employment will not be out of their reach.

Also that day, the White House announced it had secured promises [uh huh] from more than 300 companies that agreed to not show bias [whatever the Fuck that means] against applicants who have been out of work for more than six months. The administration began working on those agreements last May, according to officials.

They've been working on this pathetic baby step, this toddler-level evasion of responsibility, this slap in the face to the disemployed since May? For MR SUBLIMINAL May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January nine months? By which I mean nine fucking months? Have I mentioned lately what an asshole Obama is?

Because note the true assholery: Obama's not doing anything to expand the job pool at all; in fact, he hopes to get more into the pool, fighting for the same number of jobs! (Working on the assumption the goal of Obama's sick little joke is to get some number of the long-term disemployed into the workface once more.)

So, make the desperate a little less desperate, but not in a way that makes any difference in their lives; and make the less desperate a little more desperate. Classic Obama.

These people aren't even worthy of hate: Obama, and the slavish WaPo coverage.

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Submitted by lambert on

1) employed and disemployed compete for crappy jobs in a stagnant market

2) Obama heightens competition by tilting the playing field a little

3) Obama heightens the competition between workers and Federal workers, while shrinking the pool of Federal workers

Obama's such an asshole. I wonder if he laughs at night about this stuff? I bet he does.

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In the early 70's I worked for the Office of the Governor of the State of Washington and helped put together the Public Service Jobs part of CETA. It was a poor copy of the early WPA and CCC programs but at least it was something.

Now there is not even lip service to the same levels of unemployment.

Can we call it fascism yet?