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Obama TSA nominee to Unions: Drop dead

And after all the shilling SEIU's Versailles local did for HCR (Higher Corporate Returns). The ingratitude! Pravda:

President Obama's pick to lead the Transportation Security Administration would not say Tuesday whether he supports collective bargaining rights for airport security screeners. The issue ranks as a major concern of federal worker unions and has ensnared previous TSA administrators.

Courage on behalf of the base!

I like that in an adminstration....

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

Unions should be about the people, not political campaigns.

I'd much rather unions save their money to be able to provide money for their workers should they have to go on strike than waste their money on politicians. The unions of old were able to maintain solidarity because the situations were dire, but because they had support from their buddies if they went on strike. What happens to workers now if they go on strike?

The millions of dollars they've wasted on political campaigns could have been used to provide a source of funding in case of a strike (or at least to give employers a credible threat of a strike) or to provide money for people trying to organize who may lose their jobs in retaliation. Or what about trying to use some of that money to help other unemployed workers with, say, health insurance?

If unions want credibility, they need to do credible things, not blow their cash on politicians who are anti-worker. Legacy Union bosses are about being part of the Village as much as the legacy parties.

Submitted by regulararmyfool on

About twenty years ago, a major change came to the unions. Now the majority of union members are either working directly for a government or are employees of the military industrial complex.

The legacy unions have become less than 50 per cent of the union membership. Sad but true.

When union members predominately regard their interests as being for the status quo, you can pretty well write unions out of the equation.

I have come to regard Obama as a reddish Blue Dog. He definitely is not moving anything that will have a real impact during this depression. 2014, why not 2100?
People need help not facile bullshit.

But then the last president that I had any respect at all for was Eisenhower.

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Submitted by mass on

busting started to really have the desired effect. Then Reagan really came down with the axe.

This post should surprise no one. His education approach is essentially kill the unions. Unions need to start pushing issues not pols or Parties.