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Obama tries to pull a Krugman on progressive pundits

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Maybe the president didn't like the criticism of his Oval office 'fireless chat' coming from the left by Collins, Robinson, and Maddow. Perhaps he can convert them back to his side by breaking bread with them. It's certainly worked before. I'm getting my popcorn and sitting back to see which of them backpedals faster, first.

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Submitted by Anne on

leading, into providing actual substance on these issues, as he does into wooing the media with the thrill of access...oh, hell - that's never going to happen because it was never, in his entire career, how he operated.

The Hollow Man lunches with the Vacuous Media; how perfect.

I'm sure new pom-poms will fix everything.

The whole thing just disgusts me.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

It's just not the substance that we'd like to see or is good for the country or world. We need to start realizing that. The dude fucking whipped for TARP. He pulled strings on the Health Insurance Company bailout. He's working to normalize torture. He's relegitimized the GOP. Dude has done a lot. Just not much good.

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I did catch Maddow's re-write and delivery. Impressive. He should hire her immediately as his speech writer.

I hope they all stand their ground. This President needs to be told the truth that he is losing his base.

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Submitted by madamab on

of "Lib-Be-Gone" for the occasion! Although frankly, I don't think that crowd needs much of a dose. Just a small drop in their coffee and they'll be swooning again.