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Obama to use new OFA slush fund to gut Medicare


Top former campaign and White House aides have once again converted his campaign machine -- the political juggernaut of 2012 with 20 million e-mail addresses and 4 million volunteers - - into a policy-advocacy organization, renamed Organizing for Action. Just as it did four years ago, the group has tapped as leaders the president’s closest allies, including 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina and field organizer Jon Carson.

At stake are Obama’s closing legislative priorities [and "Jobs for the boys"*], ranging from gun safety to a historic revision of immigration laws. The group also plans to engage in the deficit-reduction debate, which may provide the president with an opportunity to strike an agreement with U.S. House Republicans on changes to the tax code and such entitlements as Medicare (USBOMDCA) that would influence the nation’s financial picture for decades.

Yeah, "influence the nation’s financial picture."

And slaughter some oldsters -- and plenty of kids who aren't yet oldsters -- into the bargain. Yay!


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