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Obama takes the train to DC...

Just like Lincoln!!!!!!

Obama puts his pants on one leg at a time.

Just like Lincoln!!!!!

Please, sir, may I have some more narrative?

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did not say let's just go forward and forget about the crimes of the leadership, iirc. There would be accountability for those in power in the Confederacy. I would appreciate hearing from those who know more about this aspect of Lincoln's presidency and plans to add to this or correct me.

NPR this morning had a four minute piece on how the new administration will treat the CIA, especially its actions under BushCo which may be crimes. The report closed by saying that while Congress (Sen. Wyden quoted in the piece) wants to investigate they will get nowhere if the Obama administration does not cooperate. The Bush appointees have been apparently telling Obama to back off, that if he invesigates, the CIA will just not respond well to his orders in the future if they in any way remotely could be construed as unlawful.

(Uh, isn't that what we would want???)

The tone was that Obama wants no drama about this.

As we could tell him, and he should recognize, if the perpetrators are allowed to skate they will do the same damn thing next time they get into or near power. Sheesh.

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was enormously successful in his own right long before he ran for president. The only things that he and Obama have in common are their residency in Illinois and their relatively paltrey legislative experience. Lincoln was one of the most successful attorneys of his day. He was quite willing to take on pro-bono cases that he felt would advance causes that were essential. One of his pro-bono cases still impacts interstate business to this day. He was deeply opposed to slavery and that led him to help found the Republican party. Those are things that simply cannot be said about Obama. He has never led one single lawsuit in his life nor has his practice of law led to anything more significant than Rezko getting public funding for projects. and I cannot think of a single principled stand that he has ever taken.

BTW, I looked at the National Journal piece that compares him to Clinton, and finds him to be the most liberal senator. The weird thing is, if you've never seen it, is that he skips votes on about 16 of the bills that they are both judged on.

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there are only two votes different between them. IT's all so weird. These Democrats who think they have reached the promised land, and are going to get to enact a new New Deal, and I don't think that is what Obama has in mind at all.

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menu will reflect what Lincoln ate after his swearing in. Or as close to it as can be managed today, per Times of India article!

Barack Obama, a self-professed follower of Abraham Lincoln, would not only take the oath of US presidency swearing in on the Bible used
by the former President, but will also have on his lunch menu that afternoon the food eaten by Lincoln after his inauguration.

Soon after being sworn in as the 44th President of the United States on January 20, Obama would have his first lunch hosted by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies at the historic Statuary Hall at the US Capitol.

Approximately 200 guests including the new President, Vice President, members of their families, the Supreme Court and Cabinet designees, and members of Congressional leadership will attend the luncheon.

The details of the luncheon have been designed to reflect the theme of the 2009 Inaugural ceremonies, "A New Birth of Freedom," celebrating the bicentennial of the birth of President Abraham Lincoln, the congressional committee said.

The menu, created by Design Cuisine, a catering company based in Arlington, Virginia, draws on historic ties to the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln, who led the nation during the civil war.
Growing up in the frontier regions of Kentucky and Indiana, the 16th President favoured simple food including root vegetables and wild game. With time he became fond of stewed and scalloped oysters.

(Does anyone recall how Hillary was made fun of by the MCM and late night comics for "channeling" Eleanor Roosevelt?)

I do bear in mind the reporting could be wrong, of course.