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Is Obama a Socialist?

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Well, no.

But if he was, and a practical sort of Socialist at that, he might be saying things like this and saying them to Bill Moyers:

[special for Lambert]

MIKE DAVIS: Why not turn the banking system into a public utility? Now, that doesn't have to be in any sense an anti-capitalist demand. But it's a radical demand that asks fundamental question about the institution and who holds the economic power.

Or things like this [emphasis added, with delight]:

MOYERS: Obama is being accused by conservative forces of launching a class war because he wants to return the tax rate to 39.9 percent, which is where it was in the Clinton era. But how do you deal with this charge of class war coming from the "Wall Street Journal" and the Heritage Foundation and others?

DAVIS: Well, I think you deal with it by saying, yeah, we want class war, too. And here's what class war means, that the only possibility of getting this country out of the crisis, the only possibility that really deep set reforms can occur, including the protection and renewal of the productive base of the economy is labor has to become more powerful. We need more protests. We need more noise in the street. At the end of the day, political parties and political leaderships tend to legislate what social movements and social voices have already achieved in the factories or the streets or, you know, in the Civil Rights demonstration.

Class War? Bring It On.

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Submitted by Damon on

A strange way to go about getting to a Moyers interview, but an interesting topic.

I've been thinking a lot about the term "Class Warfare" in the last few weeks, and I'd like nothing more than to get back and transform such a loaded term. This conservative cudgel is usually meant to denote an eternal (but largely non-existent, at least in this country) siege of the upper class by the lower. Well, I pray for the day that everyone realizes that the war has been quite one-sided and in the opposite direction with very little response (and certainly not a large-scale, organized response) from the oppressed.

Unlike corporatists, I'm not so much interested in mounting a counter attack against them as I am in simply demanding my government do its damned job, which would solve much everything. If I'm warring with anyone, it'll be against those that I sent in my name (our elected officials) to return balance to the force.