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Obama Scrapes Barrel Swatting at Snowden

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From the NY Daily News:

BHO's petulant pissiness has hit bottom with pithy non-sequitur as BHO still strives to be Consensus Guy:

"We can and must be more transparent" (*)


"Snowden is not a hero."

(*) From the dude who has been running the most transparent govt EVAH.


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Press Conference earlier today, for the truly ambitious news consumer, LOL!

Seriously, I rarely listen to the Press Conferences, anymore. But I find it (sometimes) very revealing to read the transcripts.

Fri Aug 09, 2013 at 02:53 PM PDT
President Obama's remarks in Press Conference
Office of the Press Secretary

(Haven't had a chance to read it myself, just yet. So let me know is there's anything interesting, how 'bout it!)

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Is that this? If I could figure out how to upload an image here, I'd post a screenshot of Michael Moore's front page right now:

'We'd Have Had an Awesome
Debate on the NSA if It Weren't
For That Meddling Snowden!'

Barack 'Grumpy-Face' Obama explains to us in irritated voice that he
definitely wanted to have a great public discussion about the NSA
before Edward Snowden went and ruined everything

Plan Was For Special Kind of Debate Between Obama and Himself

Obama administration has done everything possible
to prevent courts from ruling on NSA programs

You go ahead, I don't want to look at Obama myself, but I do like MM's front pages.

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Obama is a pathological narcissist - Exhibit 1 is this Q&A!

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...where they catch the govt guy lying to them in a briefing:

Tony Stark, flipping up proof onscreen: "I'm sorry, Nick. What were you lying?"

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Ding! x 1000