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Obama Quote of the Day: Today in IA, after talking about econ plans

he will unveil in September back in DC, Obama said:

“We’ll get through this challenge,” Obama said at the community college, before joining a group of breakout sessions. But, he added, “this comeback isn’t going to be driven by Washington.”

Okay, then -- are we supposed to get from this that...Obama will offer plans that really won't do anything to increase jobs? Or...?

Patent law changes! Whoohooo! Get out there and start inventin', folks!


Submitted by MontanaMaven on

Is everywhere in the last week. On "The Power", the African American channel on SiriusXM you hear the callers say "It's up to us not the president." "The president can't do anything. The Congress has to do it and we have to do it in our communities." This is the propaganda machine at work. And the president is the chief propagandist for Nudgonamics. Government can't do anything. Hey, I thought he read Lincoln. Lincoln said government must do what individuals can't do. Like build canals, give money to inventors aka researchers, bargain for cheaper prices for MRI machines and drugs, high speed rail systems.

Oh but no, each of us is supposed to go out and build our section of the rail system while the bummer will "cut some red tape". "Red tape" is a conservative phrase, by the way.