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Obama: "Our shared stake in science"

Not insane:

During remarks on science and technology that covered topics from climate change to the public-school curriculum, Obama set a goal of devoting 3 percent of gross domestic product to scientific research.

"If there was ever a day that reminded us of our shared stake in science and research, it's today," Obama said in a speech to the National Academy of Sciences, a society of scientists and engineers who give advice to U.S. policymakers.

"Our capacity to deal with a public health challenge of this sort rests heavily on the work of our scientific and medical community," Obama said. "And this is one more example of why we cannot allow our nation to fall behind."

That's a good goal.

And presumably Obama's not going to try to achieve that goal with some kind of Blairistically fucked up, unaccountable, and opaque "public-private partnership," as he has done with the bailouts and is trying to do with health care "reform."


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Submitted by hipparchia on

that isn't code for public-private partnership?

but yeah! let's hear it for lots and lots of spending on science!

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

If you want a job in pharma/biotech, you're probably better off being in marketing or sales. Seriously, look at some of the job postings for some companies.

As with other things Obama, I won't believe it until I see it. It is sad that I have so little trust in Ds these days.