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Obama now an official lame duck

Online WSJ:

Mr. Obama's 45% approval rating [Wall Street Journal/NBC News] matches that of George W. Bush at this stage in his second term, while Bill Clinton's approval at this stage in his term stood at 56%.

Well, that's because Obama sucks just as bad as Bush, but not as bad as Clinton (who bribed the proles, including me, with rising real wages).

Too late for bribes now, though, I think.

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Submitted by Hugh on

I started bringing up Obama's lame duckedness pre-Snowden when the succession of stories about Obama's spying on the AP and Fox came out. Snowden's appearance and his revelations sealed Obama's status. It's why Obama is out giving bullshit speeches on the economy to resurrect some of his standing among the rubes. Of course, showcasing Amazon workers as the wave of the future and proposing even lower corporate tax rates (like the big corps actually pay taxes anyway) are hardly going to play well with the intended audience. This illustrates another common characteristic of lame ducks, their increasingly tin ear.

Submitted by jawbone on

Obama has done what he was put into office to do: Protect the Big Corporations and Big Banksters. As long as he doesn't sleep with a live boy and a dead girl, he will get his promised rewards of actual wealth. Enough to establish his lineage with real money.

He just has to keep being a sucky lucky lame ducky, provide no real jobs programs, no actual increase in wealth for the 99 Percent, no real justice for those in business who screw over that 99 Percent, and he will be personally golden.

If he can destroy the Democratic Party, so much the better. He's doing a bang up job of creating an ugly brand image for the party, but the Repubs seem hell bent on being the ogre of American politics so Obama may not succeed as much as he could have had their been some rational actors who could control the wildings of the right.

*Based on how the WSJ editors tend to call the unemployed "lucky duckies," given they'll have all that time and the huge income on limited unemployment insurance.... Sheesh. WSJ editorial board majorally sux.

Speaking of destroying the Dem Party, there are, it seems, a huge number of "Christiecrats" here in NJ, with more and more Dem leaders coming out for Chris "We Dasnt' Tax the Rich!" Christie over Barbara Buono, the Dem candidate for governor. Who is barely getting even nominal support from the state party.

Message sent and received.

You want to drive away us voters who need the kinds of things/programs Buono proposes? Fuck you and the party you're corporatizing.

Oh, my, but how we voters need an actual party which gives a damn about us. Right now, it seems all Dem Party bigwigs are joining Obama in brushing the lint off the party's metaphorical shoulder. "Where ya gonna go, sweetie?"

Christiecrats! Good grief.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

Do the NJ Greens have a candidate? Because it might make sense to put Barbara B on the Green party line. It really might mean the beginning of the end for the NJ Democratic Party.