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Obama nominates David Barron, the asshole who wrote the memo saying Obama could whack US citizens without due process, to the Federal bench

Because he's a progressive at heart!

The nomination of David Barron, who was a Justice Department lawyer at the start of the administration and is now a Harvard Law School professor, is mired in a maw of contentious issues. .... [M]embers of both parties say they are disturbed by Mr. Barron’s authorship of legal memos that [purportedy] justified the United States’ killing of an American citizen overseas with a drone.

Importantly, it's "killing" with no due process; secret law, and no court.

The White House said Tuesday that it would allow senators to see one of those memos in a classified setting, the one that dealt with killing the American-born terrorist leader Anwar al-Awlaki.

[Barron] received the support of his home state senator, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

Because Warren's a progressive at heart!

Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon and one of the senators who have voiced deep concern over the secrecy of the administration’s drone policy, said Monday that he had agreed that the vote on Mr. Barron should not move forward until senators could see more of the secret legal opinions that the nominee produced at the Justice Department.

Mr. Wyden added that he was also not committed to voting yes.

“Certainly the opinion would not be something I would have written. The question is: Is it disqualifying,” he said, adding that the administration should start the process of releasing the memos. “It needs to be addressed before a vote.”

So, first we have secret law. Now we nominate judges to the bench who wrote the secret law -- and the law is still secret!

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