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Obama + Michelle Cashing In - Palm Springs Mansion

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Gothamist. Purchased with the Wages of Hope and Change. Nicely played, Barak.

N.B. He'll be neighbors with the Annenbergs who he was just playing golf with. The Annenberg's estate/compound is apparently known as the "Camp David of the West." Will Barak be playing golf there again while rootin' for the slaughter of the people of Gaza?


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That's true.

And from what I've read, I don't think that they would every release his soon-to-be "address(es)" until they have fully fortified the domicile.

I've read that Secret Service agents literally occupy a residence close to GWB's. Don't know if that was a "temporary," or a permanent arrangement.

The protection should be dropped after 10 years--the costs are simply ridiculous for the taxpayer to have to bear, indefinitely. (Obviously, I don't mean while in office, or even the first 10 years.)

FP Clinton signed the law restricting the protection to 10 years (to begin after his Presidency), and PBO nullified it a year or two ago.

Don't know if Nancy Reagan still has protection (probably), but the Clintons have been under Secret Service protection for 22 years, according to C-Span, and the Bushes for over 10 years--which is why PBO had to "re-do" the law.

Or the Bushes would have had to start paying for their own security protection.

[Sorry is this is sort of garbled--a little pressed.]