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Obama floats immigration trial balloon

The headline says it all: "Obama Said to Plan Giving Millions U.S. Work Permits":

White House officials have told allies in Congress to expect an announcement of a large-scale action most likely in September, just before the midterm congressional elections, the aide said, asking for anonymity to discuss an unannounced plan.

“One thing that seems clear is that they are seriously committed to using the full extent of their legal authority to start fixing the system,” said Marshall Fitz, director of immigration policy at the Center for American Progress, a Washington policy research group with close White House ties.

So it's a career progressive move.

“That includes doing as much as possible to enable undocumented individuals with significant equities who have committed no serious crimes to come forward, register, undergo background checks and request temporary status,” Fitz said.

What the heck does "significant equities" mean? A house? A small business? What?

Looks to me like a periodic process where we hook the big fish ("equities") and throw the rest (the poor) out, to begin the the cycle again, so in essence a resource extraction operation.

I don't write on immigration a lot, because I can't square the circle of wanting the rule of law back -- it really should apply to everyone, right? -- and the humanitarian disasters of throwing all the illegal immigrants out* combined with the realization that a lot of the need to immigrate is created by our own vile policies, particularly the drug war, but also NAFTA. Then too there's the utterly cynical use the Democrats make of the issue. "Just before the midterms," indeed. Looks like the War on Women isn't doing much, which makes sense, since Obama's done squat for women, so they've got to wheel another identity into the political breech. If I didn't want to go to bed (I was up very late last night) I'd find out of immigration played a role in these key Senate races:

Or heck, maybe it's just a fundraising scam; "vote yourself a work permit if you own a house." Or maybe they're trying to deke the loony right into impeaching Obama.

NOTE * "Undocumented" is typical Democratic mealy-mouthed verbiage, just as "illegals" is typical Republican othering. One despairs.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...mean useful skills in things like agri-business, food processing, etc.. Jobs most Americans don't seem to want or don't have the stamina to work in the fields.
Just a thought...

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Submitted by albrt on

Equity in immigration court usually means a clean record and some type of hardship if forced to go home, such as breaking up a family. But I wouldn't be surprised if this administration created a financial test.

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... for Thailand, and I don't blame them. I guess what bugs is that once they're in, we treat them differently. Maybe that's irrational.

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Submitted by Jay on

What's the most business-friendly outcome? If you sort people into two groups. Those who have something to lose, and are therefore easier to systematically put a saddle on, and who are more apt to create headaches with lawyers they can afford, go to one side of the ledger. Everyone else gets deported. This gets rid of undesirables and creates a permanent non-citizen underclass, something like a federally-recognized indentured servitude class. This business-friendly desire is also reflected in the tech industry's request for special visas to import foreign workers "because there aren't enough Americans" to do that job. Give them visas but not citizenship, so they can be paid less and threatened with deportation. It's all about wage arbitrage.

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Submitted by mellon on

I think this may have been brought forward because it would be extremely wrong if TiSA was letting in thousands of workers to compete on a level playing field for contracts- the public jobs currently held by Americans - when we still had not gotten it together to give the parents of American citizens and people who had lived and worked here illegally, (typically contributing Social Security taxes to a Social Security number that was not theirs I think thats what happens) some kind of legal status.

It just would be too much.

Like with the HillaryCare during NAFTA-GATS and Obamacare during the TiSA,TTIP and TPP negotiations, it gives the politicians cover if that issue hits the news as it should given the history of FTAS and the secrecy/betrayal angle..

(its unlikely it will, though, because the media is completely under control on FTA issues, it seems, and many journalists seem bedazzled by the hype - enough to not see the situation clearly.)

Even if TiSA's mandate putting all public procurement of services, even ones that are in house, up for competitive international bidding, happens and hundreds of thousands of people in teaching, healthcare, and many other forms of public service lose their jobs, family's welfare, homes, stability sacrificed so "their" jobs can become bargaining chips in the world trading game, I doubt if the US media will cover it honestly. How could they? They would have to admit that they completely dropped the ball for decades, giving Americans absolutely no warning of what was happening in the FTAs. Thats such an abject failure--!- SO "better to just pretend its not happening"!

So, we're really in trouble, they wont help, they will ignore this.

The "immigration reform" might even result in people thinking the workers here under TiSA "Mode 4", the "fourth mode of supply" are all Mexican!

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Submitted by mellon on

If the TiSA FTA lets tens or hundreds of thousands or even millions of guest workers into the country for low pay on very short leashes, they aren't about to tell the country its a trade deal doing it!

They will figure out some cover story, OF COURSE. Like they always do.

My guess is that this cover story is to prevent people from criticising the deal at the beginning, perhaps thinking its immigration reform, for the critical first few months, just like Obamacare. Once its established, ISDS makes it irreversible forever, then it doesn't matter.

"The public has spoken" "Privatization wins!"