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Obama destoryed the Democratic party

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It is hard not to underscore the scope of Democratic losses under Obama. These losses have not just occurred in Congress but at the state level. Consider that in 2009 when Democrats were in their zenith they held 60 Senate seats and 258 House seats. At the state level the party controlled 28 Governorships and further had complete control of state government in 17 states (Governor and both legislative chambers). Republicans held a mere 22 Governorships and only had state control in nine states. Democrats have only gone downhill since.

Currently Democrats have control of a total of six states. six.

That is a feature, NOT a bug. You can't blame it all on Obama, anyone who reads DownWithTyranny know that Pelosi and Steve Israel have worked together to throw a succession of House elections.

No wonder Versailles hated Howard Dean, Dean won elections.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

As much as I detest Obama, I'd say he delivered the coup de grace. The Clinton's played a major hand to get us to where we are today.
The irony is; democrats are supposed to be "liberals", but have started more than their fair share of wars and conflicts.
I'm fed up with the whole political thingy. Democracy is a lie.

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Sorry, but Obama and his supporters own this mess.

In 2008, the republican brand was so damaged by Bush and the banks that pundits predicted it would take decades for the party to recover. By 2010, not only had the party rebounded, but its fringe had also managed to spawn a successful grass roots movement that gets candidates elected.

The Clintons may be responsible for many things, but the demise of the democratic party as a successful machine is not one of them.

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Submitted by albrt on

The party sucked pretty much before he came along. But yeah, he destroyed the last vestiges. It is now far more likely that the next leader will emerge from the crazy republicans than the sad, corrupt, rudderless democrats.

I mean, this is a party that had to bring in a non-party member to play the good guy in their rigged kayfabe primary. They couldn't find a party member anywhere in the United States who could even pretend to be the good guy. That's really sad.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

I would say he destroyed it. On January 20 2009 Democrats had overwhelming control of the House, Senate and Governors, and state legislatures. Obama threw all of that away.