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Obama-Booker Love Fest (One Looter's Lackey to Another)

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From the NY Daily News:

Only Obama is capable of the sort of High Mendacity that can take a Cory Booker and call him -- Bain Capital's barking defense dog -- a long-time friend of the poor, underprivileged, and middle class.

"[Obama,] ... in a glowing endorsement, that the Newark, N.J., mayor would be an “important partner” in promoting the White House’s agenda if elected. [No doubt. "We Heart Asset Strippers Private Equity and Hedge Funds!]"

“[Obama]: Cory Booker has dedicated his life to the work of building hope and opportunity in communities where too little of either existed,” Obama said in a statement released by the Booker campaign. [Falsehod; Bathos; Bullshit Schmaltz, Pretty Damn Offensive.]

“Cory [note use of first name: Populism, regular guy, "my pal" ] has time and again taken on tough challenges, * fought for the middle class and those working to join it [good thing no details required here], and forged coalitions [Me, Cory, plus Bain Capital = Great Dealz$$ for Me, Cory] that create progress [for some definition of "progress", e.g., in Cory's finances and asset accumulation] — and that's the spirit he'll carry with him to Washington," [Uh oh! Yikes! Now Cory gets to play Looting Target Practice with all of New Jersey's unterbussen, as opposed to just the ones in Newark. I guess someone's happy about Cory's "spirit" migrating to new heights of power ... ] Obama said."

Ick peeew! Blech!

* Ya, must be hard lying to your constitutents every day about how you're looking after their best interests, when in fact you are throwing them under the bus in every possible way: housing, jobs, benefits, health care, education.