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Obama: Birth Of Hope Doll


That's the title of an entry at Collectibles Today's site. And yes, it's adorable:

The ad continues:

Price: $149.99 US s&s: $16.99 US
Available in 5 installments of $30.00 US

Those new to installments can click on a link that reads

*How do Installments work?

Which opens the following pop-up:

About Installments

Installments make shopping affordable!

Installments are the affordable way to shop because they spread your total cost over several months. Installments are charged about monthly, directly to the credit card you authorized at checkout, and these installments are Interest Free! We ship your item after you've paid the first installment.

When paying in installments for a collection to which you've subscribed, the next issue in the series will be shipped after all installments for the previous issue are paid in full.

Paying installments makes buying the collectibles and jewelry you love convenient and affordable.

The ethics of peddling this hoax to an audience that can't afford it and are new to the mechanics of installments, is left as an exercise for the reader.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

I thought the idea for the doll was great until I got to the price.

Submitted by lambert on

I mean, 5 * $30 = $150 and that's more or less $149.99. What am I missing?