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Obama Assists New Kiev Prez with Bloodbath in E. Ukraine

Thomas Gaist and Barry Grey in "The bloodbath in Donetsk":

The Obama administration in Washington and the Merkel government in Berlin both congratulated the newly elected president, billionaire oligarch Petro Poroshenko, even as he was overseeing the bloodbath in the east.

Obama and Merkel signaled their support for the mass killing, portraying it as a means of stabilizing and unifying the country.

Within hours of Sunday’s fraudulent and undemocratic election, a devastating air assault was launched against targets in Donetsk. At least 50 militants were killed and another 31 injured as Kiev regime aircraft strafed separatist positions in and around the Donetsk airport. Speaking on behalf of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Leonid Baranov said the death toll will likely rise above 100.

As of Tuesday night, regime forces were preparing to follow the assault on Donetsk’s airport with an invasion of the city center. Civilians have reportedly been fleeing Donetsk en masse as gunfire and explosions continued to be heard from areas near the airport.

Gaist and Grey do an excellent job pointing out the colossal and Orwellian hypocrisy of the “humanitarian intervention” stance in REGIME CHANGE FOR PROFIT AND POWER employed by the US and its mafia NATO crony countries not only in Ukraine, but in Libya, Syria, Egypt, etc.:

Barely three months ago, the Obama administration, echoed by Merkel in Germany, Hollande in France, Cameron in the UK, and the entire leadership of the European Union and NATO, were insisting that then-President Viktor Yanukovych had forfeited his right to rule, despite having been elected, because he mobilized riot police against armed anti-government demonstrators in Kiev.

Now, the same forces are endorsing the decision of Poroshenko to use fighter jets, attack helicopters, tanks and elite troops against protesters in the east.

In 2011, the US and its European allies cited the supposed threat of an attack by the regime of Muammar Gaddafi on the rebellious province of Benghazi in Libya’s east as justification for imposing a “no fly zone,” which immediately became the cover for an air war that killed tens of thousands of Libyans and ended with the torture and lynching of Gaddafi.

The following year, the use of force by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad against armed oppositionists was used as the justification for funding and arming Islamist militias and inciting a full-scale civil war that has killed an estimated 150,000 people.

When it suits their economic and geopolitical interests, however, as in Ukraine and other countries, including Egypt, the imperialist powers drop their pose of outrage over leaders who “kill their own people” as well as their “duty to protect” civilians.

The recent election in Ukraine according to Gaist and Grey has exposed the new government’s “narrow base of popular support.” The voting was primarily boycotted in the Russian-speaking East and South. The leaders of Svoboda and the Right Sector received “negligible votes” throughout Ukraine.

But again respect for a citizenry’s self-determination is just a pretext for regime change to the rapacious US-led western Mafia and their Ukrainian oligarch and neo-Nazi pals.

Gaist and Grey:

For his part, Poroshenko vowed Sunday to foster “a very good investment climate” and do “all the necessary things to attract business.”

“All the necessary things” evidently includes the killing of thousands of people. Speaking Tuesday, Ukraine’s deputy prime minister, Vitaly Yarema, said that the “anti-terrorist operation” in the east will continue “until all the militants are annihilated.”

UNTIL ALL THE MILITANTS ARE ANNIHILATED. Calling these citizens “militants” and “terrorists” apparently makes their annihilation legitimate in the eyes of the illegitimate Kiev government along with our western leaders and our own craven, corporate media choosing to ignore or minimize the escalating government on citizen savagery now happening in E. Ukraine.

In "Obama backs State Terror against Eastern Ukraine" Bill Van Auken adds further information about the Ukraine violence. How Obama met with Ukraine’s billionaire President-Elect Petro Poroshenko in Warsaw Wednesday and declared full support for the “anti-terrorism” operation in eastern Ukraine.

Obama promised military supplies and training to help carry out what Van Auken also pointed out was rapidly developing into a “bloodbath.” He contends that the new Kiev government led by “chocolate king” Poroshenko is committing war crimes against its own people with fascist militias in order to terrorize the populations of the East to accept the illegitimate western sponsored coup puppet government in Kiev.

Van Auken:

City officials in the town of Krasnyi Lyman in the Donetsk region told the media that the local hospital came under intense shelling Tuesday night, inflicting a number of casualties. An initial report said the head surgeon was killed by shrapnel and at least three patients severely wounded. But on Wednesday, the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), which was proclaimed following a referendum on autonomy held last month, reported that regime troops entered the hospital and executed over 25 wounded local fighters.

“More than 25 people were killed, and this figure can rise,” DPR Chairman Denis Pushilin told Rossiya-24 television. “This is a blatant war crime; it is genocide.”

It was only one of a growing number of strikes against civilian targets as the Kiev regime unleashes fighter jets, attack helicopters, heavy artillery, rocket launchers and other weapons of war against the region in attempt to quell popular opposition to its rule.

Schools, daycare centers, housing blocks and office buildings have also been struck, sending families fleeing for air raid shelters or desperately attempting to leave the war zone.

In one of the bloodier attacks, a Ukrainian jet fighter fired rockets Monday into the Luhansk regional administration headquarters, killing five women who were talking together just outside the building. Three men in the building also lost their lives and at least 11 people were wounded. A video posted online Wednesday showed the grim aftermath of the air strike.

Van Auken explains that the US State Department and much of the US corporate media faux-innocently insist that the massacre of the Luhansky regional administration headquarters is “unclear.” Apparently the type of weapon used has been reliably identified as an S-8KO missile, a type of cluster bomb outlawed under international law.

Kiev forces assert they are “cleansing the east of rebels" reports Van Auken. The word "cleansing" alone is chilling.

Wednesday the Kiev regime decided to declare martial law in Donetsk and Lunansk regions. Van Auken warns:

It appears that the main aim of the change is to empower the government to order civilians to evacuate areas like Luhansk, a city of nearly half a million, so that it can subject all who remain to a full-scale bombardment.

A city that is inhabited by half a million people is very likely about to get decimated -- all those citizens unwilling to forfeit their homes and lives and principles are doomed for annihilation! And the US is aiding and abetting such an intended slaughter???? I'm thinking this situation truly is HITLERIAN!!

Van Auken points out that Obama in his meeting Wednesday with Poroshenko expressed no concern about the numbers of eastern Ukrainians who have died or are about to die. Instead Obama had nothing but praise for the new president's operations to violently bring about “peace and order” to the region. Van Auken suspects the violent operation is “under direct US supervision.”

Obama committed to Poroshenko an additional $5 million in so-called non-lethal aid to help Kiev with its slaughter of fellow countrypersons. That is in addition to the $18 million for so-called non-lethal military equipment that has been previously approved. Obama also offered military training for the junta militias.

Van Auken on the background of new President Poroshenko:

Obama called Poroshenko’s installation as president a “wise selection,” even though, as classified diplomatic cables made public by WikiLeaks showed, Washington had previously regarded the billionaire as a “disgraced oligarch” who was “tainted by credible corruption allegations.”

Obama described himself as “deeply impressed by his vision, in part because of his experience as a businessman.” This “vision” guided Poroshenko in the corrupt and at times violent plundering of formerly state-owned assets, which turned him into a billionaire.

Van Auken also reports that Russia has attempted in the UN Security Council to call for an end to the violence in eastern Ukraine and for the creation of “humanitarian corridors” to allow civilians to leave the battle zones and be helped by the Red Cross and other aid organizations. The US and other western countries deny that there is a humanitarian crisis.

I suppose when you de-humanize victims and want them repressed or killed if necessary post-haste for your psychopathic agenda you are unable to acknowledge them as humans in crisis.

Van Auken:

As the Ukrainian regime launches a bloody crackdown in the east of that country, however, Washington and the Western European powers have no interest in raising humanitarian concerns. On the contrary, having already organized regime-change in the coup of last February, they are determined to consolidate their puppet regime by stamping out any resistance.

More surreal (unchallenged and funded by us "good Germans" of America) war criminality promoted and enabled by the Obama administration. Remember when we thought for a NY second Obama was a "community organizer" with skills for peaceful conflict resolution? Remember that Cairo speech? The gloves have always been off militarily speaking, if not rhetorically, with Obama.

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