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Obama and Harry Reid EPIC FAIL

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The only reason we are talking about a government shutdown is that the US Senate FAILED to do its job. Last year the House of Representatives passed all the appropriation bills. The senate has failed to do so. With an overwhelming majority, Harry Reid was unable to complete the simple task of passing the appropriation bills. They should have been passed by June 30. At least they should have been passed by October 1, the beginning of the new fiscal year. We are now running on continuing resolutions. Had the apporpriations bills been passed and signed it would not be possible for the republicans to pull this stunt until this coming October. It is a massive indictmint of of Reid and Obama's leadership FAIL that the Republicans are now in a position to do so much mischief.

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Failure is such a relative term. It was a failure from our point of view and that of most Americans, but for Obama, the Democrats, the whole corporatist, kleptocratic elite? Not so much. Continuing resolutions and such create lots of distraction to the looting going on, not to mention creating new opportunities for it.